How to ruin a shower for sure!

Step one: Get in shower.

Step two: Get all wet and covered in soap.

Step three: Look down and notice a spider hiding behind a bottle on ground.

Step four: Totally freak out because it’s going to kill you dead right now.

Step five: Shoot it with water, watch it shrivel up and die

Step six: Strut around like you’re totally awesome (as much as you can strut in small shower)

Step seven: Turn around to shave legs

Step eight: Look over shoulder to see spider came back to life and is still hiding behind bottle.

Step nine: Regret previous strutting

Step ten: Panic because if you turn around to shower the spider will go into attack mode

Step eleven: Stealthly move bottle then jump to other side of the shower and panic. Shoot spider with tons of water and coax it down the drain.

Step twelve: Spend remainder of shower in full panic mode because obviously the spider latched onto a stray hair in the drain and is going to crawl back up and bite me on the ass while I’m not looking and shave.

Step thirteen: Look over shoulder for ten minutes.

Step fourteen: Give up, get out and put on extra deoderant!

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