Fact finder


1. I spend so much time on the phone at work that 97.99899% of the time if you call me after work hours I will not answer my phone.

2. I do not ever listen to voicemail. EVER.  So please stop leaving them.

3. When taking photos I always try and have my nose ring visible. I have never regretted that piercing.  

4.  I need at least five more tattoos.  NEED.

5. I am distraught about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

6. I will never have red fingernails.  Never ever

7. I really really really miss gluten.

8. One day I woke up and realized I was one of those snobs who orders Pellegrino when I am out instead of regular tap water.  I hate myself just a little bit for this.

9. My love for Waylon Jennings knows no bounds.  I feel every chord he plays on his guitar.  I can feel every emotion in his voice.  He was one of the greatest artists to walk the earth.

10. On that same note my love for the SF Giants is getting out of control.  I spend way too much time yelling at the team and after a comprehensive discussion with my husband we have discovered that I have a crush on at least 7 of the guys on that team. That means that when I watch them play I usually need a good stiff drink and a fan to cool myself down.

11. I married possibly the worlds greatest man ever.  Since my struggle with gluten began I've gotten progressively grumpier around dinner time.  My sweet husband went online and searched for vegetarian gluten free dishes.  He then went to all the stores in Reno and bought groceries and has made me three meals now.  The other night he even made me gluten free pizza crust from scratch.  Did I mention he does dishes and laundry too?  It's okay to be jealous of me.

12. Brandon turns seven next week.  I am not prepared for that at all.

13. I haven't had a good nights sleep in about 23 weeks. 

14. I need a much bigger kitchen.

15. The part of town I really want to move to I can't afford….but I think I will figure out a way to make it work.

16. I need a tan. I am awfully white.

That's all for now

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