How to drive my husband crazy in less then 5 minutes

Want to see my husband really lose his mind.  Let me load the dishwasher.  I swear his whole entire brain implodes.  I don't know why, because clearly my way is the best way.  But whooo boy does that man melt down when I play with the dishes.  Tell me, is there anything you do that drives your spouse insane????

2 thoughts on “How to drive my husband crazy in less then 5 minutes

  1. Hmm, I think we need to see a picture of your way vs. his way:) My hubby and I have the dishwasher war as well. My big pet peeve about my husband is that he always wads up the dishtowels/ hand towels and leaves them on the counter. Seriously how hard is it to fold a towel?!?


  2. I have had the dishwasher war with my Hubs as well. I can name about a million things he does to drive me crazy, but he only has one major pet peeve with me. I am OCD and it bugs him so much. Seriously, if he ever has a stroke you can guarantee I was counting something he thought I shouldn’t, lol.
    Steph, my Hubs also has the evil dishtowel habit…it kills me!


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