Purse remorse **UPDATED**

Let's just talk about the worst thing that can happen to a woman. Having her purse break. It's pretty much devastating. It's even more devastating when the purse is 6 months old and the manufacturer has discontinued this model. So even though it's warrantied you are still screwed.

I'm not much of a flashy person. I don't buy those bedazzled jeans. I haven't bought fancy shoes in a while. I don't wear jewelry but y'all I love me some purses. Anyway about seven months ago I decided I needed a new purse. My friend Christina and I hunted FOREVER for the perfect purse. I walked around Macy's with nine purses on at one point. I had to put each on my shoulder, across my body, and in my hand. I had to open all the pockets and play with all of them. I left with no purse. I drove to Lucky, then to Dillards, then back to Macys. Then I went to Coach but the drop length wasn't right on the handles. So it was back to Macy's I went and finally there it was. The most beautiful black leather Fossil purse I've ever seen. It not only had a full cross body strap (super important for a mom) but it had two handles with a perfect 9" drop length. If I had both handles on my shoulder and pulled one down I could easily look down inside the purse and grab my wallet or whatever. It had the most perfectest little chapstick pocket on the outside ever. It had a zipper pocket in front for those random things that I didn't really need to keep but couldn't quite part with. Then it had a perfect little pocket in the back that I could quickly drop my keys and my phone into and then find easily when I was loaded with groceries and needed my keys. It was this faded worn black color. It was perfect. I loved looking at her. And then one day I put maybe 17 things too many in her and she ripped.

Logically I could have had her repaired but….I didn't want to pay to repair something that was under warranty and could be replaced. Until I found out there was no replacement for it. NONE. They didn't have one hiding in back. There was no replacement. My spirit was crushed. Which of course led me on a mission for a replacement. After three more days of hunting I found a new Fossil. It has nice pockets. It has a cross body that can be shortened to a shoulder length (which is sooo not the same). It is a nice purse. But it isn't black. It isn't my purse and you guys I'm sad. I'm in a purse funk. I've secretly browsed at night for a new purse. I browsed tonight for about 2 hours trying to find my purse on Ebay or anywhere. It doesn't exist.

Fossils new line came out this week and while looking tonight I discovered I HATE THEM ALL.

What is a girl to do?

I suppose I can keep this lesser purse until Fossil gets their shit together and comes out with a new black bag with the right handles and pockets and that is big enough to fit my iPad because did I forget that even though I NEVER CARRY MY IPAD in my purse it is a requirement that my iPad fits in the purse JUST. IN. CASE. It must have a handy open key and phone drop pocket on the outside. It has to have a roomy interior pocket for my notepad, four pens, checkbook, and random junk. It must have an enclosed but easy to access chapstick pocket that holds at least two chapsticks and a lip gloss.

Sigh. I'm going to bed now. But I go to bed with a broken purse heart



I googled around last night and I finally found the purse for sale brand new on E-bay


I ordered it right away.  She actually has two for sale and if I could afford it I would buy both in case the second one had any sort of accident.  

Anyway I am over the moon.  My purse will be here in one week.  I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am.  I will post pictures of the real thing once we are reunited together!

4 thoughts on “Purse remorse **UPDATED**

  1. Here’s my comment: Aww man. I hate that. Right now I have a lands end tote with long handles and just like your heart bag it has all the right pockets and the right length to reach with the handles. Only thing that sucks is how the canvas gets soo dirty all the time. :-/


  2. I love your blog! You so understand my need for the perfect “cool mommy”” purse with handy chapstick pockets and key drop pockets. My four-year old Fossil leather purse ripped and I’ve been searching for months to find a replacement


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