Things I can't believe I know

I know what channel baseball is on ESPN.

If it isn't on that channel I know what the back up channel is.

I can name at least ten players on the team. This is important because for my whole life I've always said I was a Raiders fan but could never name more then one player on the team IF ANY.  I can now name so so many of the Giants.

I know what standings are.  I know that a win is a half a game and a loss is a half a game. 

I know about tagging up, and RBI's, and decoy.  

I am learning position numbers.

I almost understand a pickle.

I'm learning the different pitches.

I know what a sacrafice is.

I also know enough now to be genuinly upset by the Melky Cabrera issue.  I am livid.  He was caught using PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).  I am furious. I loved Melky.  I had a crush on Melky's dimples.  I thought he was an amazing player.  I enjoyed watching him play.  I loved his smile. I loved his energy. I loved watching him at bat. As a fan I feel hurt.  I feel betrayed.  I feel angry.  I am so upset by this.  Why did he do this?  Why hasn't he issued a statement apologizing?  Why can't people just play the sport the way it was meant to be played.  Melky is an exceptional player. He still hits the ball with great accuracy.  He didn't need those drugs.  I feel cheated on.  I am beginning to wonder who I can trust on the team now.  When I saw that news my heart shattered in two thousand pieces.  Why did it have to be the Milk Man?  Someone I love.

Why couldn't it be a Dodger?

I'm kidding.  I don't feel like this is acceptable for any team. For the whole sport.  I think players need to think about their fans.  Thing about how invested we get.  Realize the role models they are.  

I know enough now, to know that it is not okay.  I was stupid when it happened to Barry Bonds so I forgave it.  But now, now that I truley love this sport my heart is broken.  I hope this is the last I hear of this.  Because I can't handle having the Giants crush me any more.

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