My purse betrayed me…aka some woman saw my panties

Friday I ran to get a quick lunch.  On my way CVS called and told me my prescription was ready.  I stopped in and realized I had to pee.  The bathroom was occupied for what seemed like eternity so I gave up and decided to wait until I got my lunch.  I made it to Quiznos and by then I realllly had to pee so I just rushed straight to the bathroom.  I went to hang my purse and there was no hook.  I wanted to set it down but the only place to set it was the wet sink.  I'll never understand why places don't put a hook in womens bathrooms.  Do they expect me to hold my purse, unbutton my pants, wipe, and button back up one handed?  So I hooked it on the door handle and went about my business.  Suddenly someone knocked on the door and without even giving me two full second to answer they opened the bathroom door.  There I was sitting on a toilet, pants down, panties showing, ON A TOILET and some woman walked in on me.  I shouted at her to leave and she did.  That is when I noticed that my purse had slipped off the door and slid down the handle managing to unlock and open the door.  So even though the lady should have given me a second to respond that the bathroom was in use, in essence my purse had left me wide open and bared for everyone to see. 

This was a normal restroom not a stall so there was no where I could have hung a portable hook either.  I finished up and walked out and noticed that there was no one waiting by the bathroom. I have a feeling the lady was just as mortified about walking in on me as I was about being walked in on so she must have just went to sit down and try to hide.

What am I supposed to do next time this happens?  I mean the only good thing is at least I had cute undies on and not some horrific grannie panties wrapped around my knees right?

One thought on “My purse betrayed me…aka some woman saw my panties

  1. I always put my purse on the floor in front of the doorframe/door in bathrooms like that, so that it blocks the door if someone does open it.


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