For years I've never had favorites.  If you asked my favorite color I'd reply, "I dunno." Favorite artist, "no clue."  It's taken me thirty years but I have actual favorites now.  

Favorite smell: Apple.  Since high school my favorite lotion was always Bath & Body's Country Apple.  They discontinued it for about six years and then one day they brought it back for a limited time.  I bought six bottles.  The response was so good they decided to keep it available online.  I had spent years looking for a signature scent, searching perfume counters without realizing that all along I had a signature smell.  My kids even recognize it now.  On the occasion I switch it up and use some vanilla Codi will notice that I don't smell like my usual apples.  As soon as I get out of the shower and put on my lotion Codi comes running in to smell me and then smiles and runs out.  When I change scents my husband always says something is, "off."  My laundry soap is Gains Apple Mango Tango. My dish soap is apple.  My sanitizer is Bath & Body's Fresh Market Apple.  My car freshener is a Fall Harvest Apple.  After 30 years I have finally realized a favorite.

Favorite Artist: Waylon Jennings. Hands down.  No questions asked.  I don't even have to think of it.  Once about a year ago a Waylon song came on and it touched my entire soul.  I just knew in that moment that he was everything I was searching for.  Then I stumbled on his book, and the honesty in it was disarming.  I fell even harder in love.  I've watched him sing on the computer and the way he moves, the way he interviews you can feel every word he is singing, feel the love in every stroke of his guitar.  I love him so much his guitar is now tattooed on my shoulder.  I love that no matter the mood there is a song. Happy, sad, mischievous, any emotion, Waylon has a song for that. 

Band: Duh, The Highwaymen. Waylon, Willie, Johnny and Kris all in the same place.  A huge no brainer!

Movie: For years I really liked the movie Pretty Woman.  I still really like it.  Maybe even love it.  But my favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice, (Kiera Knightly version).  I don't know why but that movie just does something for me.  I can watch it for hours on end. 

Food: This is so boring but my favorite food is potatoes.  I love them boiled, mashed, fried, baked, diced, shredded, covered in stuff, plain.  It doesn't matter I just love them.  I can eat them for every meal. I could eat mashed potatoes with a side of fries and an order of baked potato in the same meal. 

I still haven't settled on a favorite color.  I lean towards blue but if my mood changes my favorite color changes.  I can't decide on a book either.  I feel like it's a book from middle school called The Wind Blows backwards, but I can't be sure because my kids ripped up my 15 year old copy of it a few years ago and I haven't found one since to re-read and double check that I still love it.  I still haven't forgiven Brandon for that. I have yet to discover a favorite animal. A favorite place. A favorite drink, dessert or ice cream flavor.  I am proud of myself though.  Finally, after all these years I've been able to nail down a few actual real live favorites.  

Tell me, what are your favorite things?

3 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Favorite scent is lavender and always has been. Something soft and cool and peppery about it that just makes me happy.
    Favorite group is the Beatles because they are tied to my childhood in so many meaningful ways. I don’t have a favorite individual artist though. Maybe Dean Martin. Maybe not. I don’t know.
    I love that version of Pride and Prejudice too. They did so well capturing all the small moments which are so important. I don’t think I have a favorite film though. I have a favorite book though, The Princess Bride. I’ve read through more copies of that than I can count.


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