Why I can't wait for voting season to be over

I work for a heating company.  Part of my job is to call my customers to schedule their appointments, or when my tech is on his way over to fix their furnace I need to call and make sure they are home.  This week alone I have been hung up on at least three times a day.  As soon as I say, "Hi is this____", or "Hi this is Shannon with" they hang up on me.  I had to call one lady back twice yesterday and finally I just rattled out, "WE ARE TRYING TO COME FIX YOUR FURNACE I JUST NEED TO MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS HOME."  She felt so bad for hanging up on me, and even admitted she just flat out hung up the phone thinking I was someone calling about voting.  Half of my clients phones go to voicemail now because they are screening their calls.  That means I have to leave them a message then my service tech has to sit there while we wait for them to call back and tell me they are home or not. 

I cannot wait for voting season to be over.  It's never been so hard to do my job as it has been this last week.  We never call a customer unless they have an appointment or they have asked me to call them.  I would think if someone had no heat they would answer their phone.  I cannot wait for people to stop hanging up on me.  

I can't even get ahold of my grandma right now because she won't answer her phone until the election is done.  She has caller ID but she has been getting so many calls she doesn't even check the caller ID anymore if the phone isn't near her.   

I voted today.  Voting is almost over, and then will the madness stop?  Because I'm so tired of my own home phone ringing, but more tired of being hung up on.

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