Chore help

Brandon wants to start doing the dishes.  He is only seven and can't reach the sink.  We have a dishwasher though.  I think he is still too young/short but I'm not sure.  Do you let your kids do dishes?  Do they do a good job?  At what age do you think kids are able to do dishes.   I would like advice.  Because if he wants to do chores I want to let him, I just want to make sure they are age appropriate.

3 thoughts on “Chore help

  1. Good for him!! Few kids, especially boys, want to help out around the house!! There’s definitely ways to grade chores to an appropriate age level…My son is 2 & loves to help do chores! He helps with laundry & the dishes. For the laundry (we have front loaders) I will place all the clothes for the washer in a pile that he puts in the washer (I administer the detergent & select the wash ahead of time so all he has to do is press start), he switches the wet clothes to the dryer, puts the dry clothes in a basket & pushes it out to the living room. For dishes he loads & unloads all the silverware into the basket (minus knives) & all of his plastic cups, bowls & plates (no glass) to/from the top rack.
    In other words, 7 is a more than appropriate age to have him start helping! Maybe you can start him out slow by putting him on a chair to rinse the stuff you wash? Or stand by you to dry & put away what he can reach? Those are the things my Mom always had me don.g from the time I started school. Good luck to you šŸ™‚


  2. My boys have been helping with chores since they were about 5. Cleaning off the table, putting things back into the fridge. As they got older, they started doing more. They both could load the dishwasher by 8, but it wasn’t a great job. Normally, I would let them help me instead of doing it alone. I think 7 is just fine to start doing some things.


  3. As you know I started doing the dishes early but that is because my lazy ass step mom, lol. But I think that you should take the stool and let him help you load the dishwasher he is a smart kid and would catch on how to do it quickly.


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