Keeping warm

It's been really cold here in Reno. I don't like the cold.  But my biggest complaint is that when there is snow everywhere my beloved shoes get left in the closet.  This makes me sad.  Let's be honest, shoes like this just cannot stay in the closet all winter long without getting their feelings hurt. 

This morning when I woke up, I went into my closet and I swear the shoes were frowning at me.  I decided I had to wear them but I had no idea how I could wear them when it was this cold out.  I don't wear nylons because they are annoying. 

That is when I remembered that I ordered this little beauty from Eden Fantasys:

(link takes you to this specific item)

 (That is exactly how it looks on me too hahahhahahah)

Anyway I realized that I had those little stocking things and they were sheer enough to wear with a black dress but not full on nylons so I wouldn't have to get annoyed at having them pulled all the way up under my boobs all day.  I rummaged around and located everything.  I love the whole getup.  I think I like the panties more because they are full panties and not a G-string, and they have that cute ruching in them.  I ordered all of this from and the best part is all of it comes in sizes small up to 2XL which meant that they had thigh highs in my size.  See, click here, there is a whole variety of them or women with real live curves!  I had one hell of a little getup in my possession.  I slipped it all on right as my husband walked in…and y'all suddenly it didn't even feel cold anymore. 

Sooo..just for fun I sent him this little diddy while I was at work:

Yeah, he can't wait to come home tonight.  

I'm so glad I ordered all of this because after eleven years there has to be some way to keep things fun right? Not to mention my poor shoes are now proudly out in the open showing off again which really is the best part of the whole story. I've never worn this sort of thing before.  I've always only worn nylons or just went without and shown my pasty white legs to the world.  But this…this is fun. My dress goes beneath the knee so it's super conservative which makes it extra awesome knowing what is hiding underneath.  it's my own little secret.  I highly recommend running out and purchasing some sexy undergarments to wear this winter…it really is a whole new way to keep warm.

One thought on “Keeping warm

  1. My poor shoes…they haven’t gotten to strut around town in years! But since my steel toed boots just don’t have the same kind of za za zoom, I take them out and at least walk around the house while I’m doing dishes just so they get some exercise!


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