Inner monologue

I want cookies

You can't have cookies, you are losing weight and eating so well


No no no Shannon

Fine. Let's eat some healthy three bean vegetarian soup

That was good but it wasn't cookies

Here have some gum

Gum doesn't taste like cookies

Okay fine you can have two cookies you cow

Well those were good but now I want five cookies, some guacamole and three glasses of honey whiskey

I told you not to eat the cookies it only leads to bad thoughts

Have a diet Pepsi and shut up Shannon

That would be much better with whiskey


You got your two cookies shut up about it

I've only eaten once today, I'm still full but everyone is being grumpy so I want to eat ALL THE THINGS

Your jeans are baggy remember




3 thoughts on “Inner monologue

  1. Your will power is better than mine. My inner monologue would go something like:
    I want a cookie.
    No we are eating better now.
    But I want one.
    No we…ohh fine whatever.
    And thus my jeans are not fitting looser.


  2. This cracked me up.
    I’ve been eating low fat for the past month and a half, and I’m slowly going vegan/low sodium/raw food too.
    I let myself have little treats here and there, but I did lots of fun reading on the dangers of all the bad stuff in food and that helps me stay away from it far more than my willpower. lol.


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