I totally want to go to the store RIGHT NOW

Those of you who have been reading this for a while know I have a few addictions, alcohol, pills, chocolate, converse and Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Which is why it was a huge problem when I was scrolling through  my Twitter feed and I saw that Saly had posted this;

The problem is that now there is physically evidence that these exist.  They are in production.  I detest holidays.  I don't like holiday candies, but this shit…this shit I LOVE.  Now I'm aware they are out there, in a store somewhere waiting to be eaten and I can't get them because I'm busy.  But I'm warning all of you, I will find them, I will eat all of them, I will eat them until I'm sick and vomiting pastel colored vomit and then I will eat some more.  

Also, don't let this post deter you from thinking that I'm not aware that Girl Scout cookies are supposed to be out soon.  First Girl Scout to sell me Thin Mints wins.  I'll probably still be vomiting up pastel colored eggs but…I want my cookies too girls!

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