There used to be an art to this blogging thing

I used to have time to blog.  I swear I had all sorts of time.  Then one day the time just vanished.  Only it didn’t really vanish I actually just stopped wasting my time in front of computers and televisions.  They always said on the Biggest Loser, how can you say you don’t have time to work out when you just spent two hours sitting on your butt watching this show.  Good point. I heard that point for about five years and I ignored it.  

Then one day it all changed.  Some mom asked me to go to the gym with her and I had no valid excuse why I couldn’t. Imagine it;

Gym Barbie: Want to go to the gym this weekend with me??

Shannon: Nope sorry I can’t I have to watch CSI, Criminal minds, Hells Kitchen, and lay around reading a few books.

I had no excuse.  None.

So I went to the gym.  Then I joined the gym.  Then I started going to the gym at least every other day, sometimes three days in a row.  That ate up a shit ton of my blogging time right there.

But look at me fitting in dresses I haven’t fit in for five years (ignore the green socks and bra, I had just gotten off work)

Plus I had this cool new toy to fiddle with at the gym.

Then Little League started.  Suddenly I wanted nothing more then to join the board of Little League which meant I found any possible chance I could to volunteer and I jumped on it.  I am a Little League volunteering whore.  You want me to work the snack bar I’ll do it, you need me to sell sweat shirts sign me right up, I’m a Little League volunteering whore.  That means most of my Saturdays are spent up at the baseball field and half my weeknights are spent there.  The nights I’m not volunteering you will find me on the field being my sons dugout mom.  

Then, if I’m not volunteering, or at the gym I’m at a Giants game.  If I’m not at a game I’m watching a game, or obsessively staring at the score apps on my phone to find out what the Giants are doing.  

I’ve even gotten some fancy new Giants gear recently.

That shirt is my new Brandon Crawford shirt who I want to propose marriage to, even though we are both married.  I almost even got to see him last week but he walked into the dugout before I made it there, but that 1/100th of his face I saw was totally gorgeous.

My fucking fantastic new Converse shoes that I custom ordered with my name and orange stitching, and black grommets, and orange inside and OMFG aren’t they just the bestest ever?  Yeah, I clearly still have an issue with purchasing Chucks…so what!

Orange Friday…I look pretty hot in orange doncha think?  The gym is helping my confidence a little bit I think.


I’ve been walking around with billions of things I want to blog about going through my head and then I never get to blog them, or I don’t get to write them down, or I realize they aren’t long enough to be a whole post but dammit they are funny.

I read “Gone Girl” this weekend.  I am so fucking mad at the ending.  I have a much better ending written in my head, but for spoiler purposes I’ll keep in in my head.  Just know that I think it was a super great book with a shit hole ending.

I also bought both books written by the Duck Dynasty shows.  I’ve already read Willie’s book.  Y’all that book was amazing.  Kinda life changing.  Made me think about how I live, how I parent and how I am as a person.  You would never think the guys from Duck Dynasty could make you question your whole life, but they can.  They are fantastic books and I highly recommend them.

Codi starts kindergarten this year.  I don’t know how to handle this. Both of my boys are now old enough to be in the school system.  I have no more babies.  I’m not capable of making any more babies so these two need to slow down on the growing up shit.

I bought a new bathing suit.  For the first time since I had Brandon it was not a one piece, or a tankini. It’s one of those one pieces that has the sides cut out.  So I’m actually showing a little flesh.  I bought a tankini as a back up but….I enjoy knowing that I own this other bathing suit on the off chance I ever get brave and want to show some skin.

I get crazy stupid mad when I get home from the gym at night and the dead bolt is locked.  I like to just slide my key in the bottom lock, turn and walk in.  I hate having to unlock the top lock first.  My husband ALWAYS locks the dead bolt while he is home and I am at the gym.  THIS DRIVES ME BATSHIT CRAZY.

My husband started cooking.  He makes all kinds of vegetables now.  It’s amazing.  I come home from the gym and he has dinner ready.  With a veggie and quinoa or rice or pasta for me.  I can’t begin to tell you how lucky I got marrying that man.

I’m still allergic to everything.  

I  lost the food bet with gym Barbie.  She gave up sugar and I gave up chips, pretzels, cookies and french fries.  One day after 8 hours in the snack bar with no food I ate a soft pretzel.  She told me that was a loss.  I disagree.  I bought dinner anyway.

I just learned Phil Collins played the drums.  How did I go my whole life not knowing that?  It reinforced the two things on my bucket list, I want to play the drums and I want to play the guitar.  I want to play the guitar more though.  But how do you go to a guitar teacher and say, “I want to play the guitar, but I don’t know what kind of guitar, I want to play like Waylon Jennings, but I also want to sound like Eddie Veder, and I want to be able to play anything acoustically but I want to play Metallica too?”  They would kick me out of the guitar shop.  

That’s about it for now.  I have lots more swimming around in my head.  I will try and be a better blogger, I know I suck at it lately, but making MYSELF a priority is hard, something has to give and lately this website has taken the loss.  But I will find time to work you guys in….if there are still any of you reading.  

2 thoughts on “There used to be an art to this blogging thing

  1. Um, no way did you lose the bet. A soft pretzel is NOT a pretzel. It’s bread. That’s a fact.
    And good for you on all the other stuff:)


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