Note to self

If you come home and find a box of expensive shampoo and conditioner on your porch….maybe wait a few hours before opening it.  Because if you open it after it's sat in the sun for 8 hours it WILL blow up all over your hands, your floor, and your arms.  Y'all my whole body and my floor now smell like Sun Ripened Raspberries.  



Also. I subscribed to IPSY and I have been so excited to do my first vlog opening the box and reviewing it all but MY BOX DIDN'T COME.  The post office lost it.  I'm pretty sad.  It's a super shiny hot pink pillow envelope, it went out for delivery and never made it here.  That is not the kind of thing you miss.  My mail man has been my mail man for 8 years.  He has never lost anything and just so happened to be on a day off the day my package was lost.  I'm sad.  Hopefully my June box comes so I can do a review vlog for you guys!

2 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Oh man… did you contact IPSY can they send a new one out? I stayed with them for 2 months, and Ipsy is WAY better than Birchbox (Well worth $10!) , but I don’t think I’m good with surprise samples. I like to know what I’m getting. I want to try Julep…but its $19….a month…I can’t right now because my job decided it will shut down 5 days because of the sequester…darn.


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