The strangest boy ever

Some of you may remember my youngest child Codi had food issues for the first four years of his life. By issues I mean, he wouldn't eat anything that was not either a chicken nugget, a donut, chocolate, or a mini pancake.

After months of frustration and worry and agonizing over his weight loss and growing anemia I finally got a little mean and made a threat.  Either he eats real food, or, every day we would have to get blood drawn using a needle to check his anemia and every day he would have to drink the brown, awful, nasty liquid iron medicine.  After much talking he chose to eat. 

Strangely he now pretty much loathes chicken nuggets.  He has decided he loves steak.  Expensive steak like filet and rib-eye.  However the funniest of all is his love of pig products.  Codi's favorite snack is ham.  Ham, cheese, and crackers.  His favorite lunch item is hot dogs (all natural, nitrate free).  His favorite food is bacon. Duh.  This kid loves bacon.  It cracks me up though, he will not eat turkey, only ham.  He will not eat a turkey dog, only an all beef or all pork one.  He will eat bacon in anything. 

Seriously..he ate this whole foot long corn dog at a carnival restaurant with my dad:


I have to admit though…aside from his love of pork my child is also in love with vegetables. He loves cauliflower, asparagus, beets, green beans, edamame, and various other veggies.  He still hates salad but that is mostly because he hates salad dressing.

In fact have I mentioned that my children both eat sandwiches, but neither will eat mayo.  They don't like salad dressing (Brandon recently accepted ranch on his pizza).  Codi despises ketchup in any form.  He actually prefers zero condiments.  NONE.

Codi will only eat tube formed yogurt, he does not like yogurt on a spoon.  I am lucky I recently found an organic kids greek yogurt with no food dyes or HFCS.  He thinks potato chips are a food group.  He will not eat eggs.  Toast and bacon are his preferred breakfast.  He has tried soda and liked it (I did not allow this) however his brother has tried it and hates it…the carbination bothers him.

He likes to turn everything into a sandwich, except sandwiches.  Two crackers equal a sammich, two chips equal a sammich, two cookies…you guessed it a cookie sammich.  Two pieces of bread with something in the middle….NOT A FOOD THAT HE WILL EAT.


Point is….my kids food habits are almost as weird as mine.

One thought on “The strangest boy ever

  1. I get him on the turkey dog thing, those things are disgusting.
    Aside from that he sounds like your typical picky eater. I was that way when I was a kid and I mostly grew out of it. My mother sometimes will now give me a dirty look when she sees me eating things that I would have gagged at as a child.
    I had one friend who when she was 6 went through a phase where she would only eat PB&J but only if she saw you get the bread out of a fresh loaf and get the peanut butter and jelly from brand new un opened jars. Talk about complicated.


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