Body issues

I’m not fat.  I’m not skinny either but…I’m not fat.  At least not in my head.  In my head I’m overweight.  However, when I go to the gym and use their little body fat machine it tells me that I am “morbidly obese.”  Because of my height (5′ 1″) and my weight (167 at the time of this post) I rate very high on the BMI chart, I rate as morbidly obese. 

The picture up there is of me currently.  Do I look obese, let alone morbidly obese?  This is so frustrating.  Statistics like this, words like this, they really fuck with a persons head.  I was working out at the gym so hard, eating so good and doing all things right so imagine what it did to me when the guy at the gym put in my height, weight and age, then looked up at me and gave me my body fat percentage (33%) and then had to tell me that I am VERY OBESE. Not only was it embarrassing for me, but it was embarrassing for him.  The funny part is, this guy has hit on me since I joined the gym.  I think it did something to his head telling a girl he has been flirting with that she needs to write down that she is obese.

I wonder, If I am morbidly obese then what do they label someone who weighs, 60-80 pounds more then me?  I always thought it was super duper huge people that were considered obese, and morbidly obese.  I am so bothered by this.  I’m working so hard towards a goal of being healthy, but to even be considered non even over weight I have to get all the way down to 118 pounds.  I wouldn’t even want to be that small.  That is way small, and at my age it’s almost unattainable.  So even if I got down to 140 pounds which is a respectable weight, the United States would still consider me OVERWEIGHT.  How is a person supposed to get excited about weight loss when all of their goals and acheivements get smashed down with words like obese and overweight.  Total bummer if you ask me.


I call bullshit on the whole thing.  I’m sorry, they need a new chart…because this…is not morbidly obese.  NO.

2 thoughts on “Body issues

  1. This. All of this.
    I’m roughly 9 lbs heavier than you and pretty much the same height. (Roughly because its been a weird week and I’m probably up a couple pounds.)
    Last year, at 19 pounds more than this I felt terrible about myself. Right now? I’m okay. I bought shorts 4 sizes smaller than last year. That’s gotta count for something.
    I’m working towards a goal of 150, but I’m not beating myself up over the stall in losing. And I refuse to read charts.
    Charts are ridiculous.


  2. Yeah, what beylit said. I suspect you do not actually have a 33% body fat level, but rather, your bmi scored 33 (except that when I compute it, it comes to 31.6). Anyway, the only accurate measure of body fat composition is a caliper test. BMI is an index of your body mass, and lumps fat, bone density mass, and muscle mass all together because health industry workers were too lazy to allow for unique compositions. They use it to deny healthcare to people – including my Welsh neighbor down the street who is a pro cyclist (rode in the commonwealth games in india a couple years ago to represent Wales – we’re talking SERIOUS athlete). He was denied, sight unseen, because his bmi is really high. See he’s short (5’5″?) and is LEAN


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