Crossing things off my bucket list

I received an email from my mom last night.  It was some kind of music email and it said she spent money.  I wanted to bonk her.  If she had bought another Rolling Stones ticket I was going to kick her butt. Before I could read the whole email she texted to say, “I kind of spent some money, you need to read your email.”

Holy shit!  She bought me tickets to see Willie Nelson.  I actually couldn’t process what I was seeing.  Willie Nelson was a really close friend of Waylon Jennings.  Seeing Willie before he died has been a life long dream of mine.  He was here recently and I missed him.  I was devastated because I just knew as old as he was I wouldn’t have a chance to see him again.  But, Willie can’t stay off the tour road and he’s coming back.  

She got us the Premium package that comes with all of the stuff listed above. 

I’m beyond excited.  I’m crossing an official item off of my bucket list and I get to be in the same room as a man who was a close friend of Waylon.  Honestly, I still haven’t processed it.  I’m so excited, so so very excited, but I really don’t’ even know how to handle it.  I know I’m most likely going to cry through the whole show.  Willie is a special man, he’s a unique man and I love his values.  His books are hilarious, and he’s had a very interesting life.  

Thank you mom.  I didn’t think I would be crossing anything off of my bucket list for another ten years.


Now I just hope this tan line is gone before the concert.

Because I just cannot look this ridiculous while one of my hero’s is playing!

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