Wanted. House cleaner who works for free

I swear everywhere I look lately is spiders. Today I went to workout in the garage gym at my office and when I lifted the garage door a 14″ x 16″ web went floating up the door as it opened. Long story short I spent the entire workout looking over my shoulder for a spider. Lately though it seems like everything is a spider. A speck of dust, a piece of dropped food or, the spider who crawled over the back of the couch into my shoulder.
For a long time I had a house cleaner who would come monthly. But that became one of those expenses my husband wouldn’t let me keep. So I’ve been trying to keep up on it for the last 8 or so months. You guys I live in a two story house with all hard wood, two children and the dustiest dog ever. I can no longer keep up. My kitchen table is black so I always see dust and smudges. My floors, always dusty from the dog and because they are hard wood my steps always have dust bunnies in the corners, big big ones. The toilets with three boys are never clean. I don’t have near enough room in my closet or dresser so the couch in my bedroom is always full of shit.
I’m surrounded by one big mess and it seems like I’ve been so busy with work, the gym, and little league that when I have time off I just want to relax or take the kids to the lake or maybe go shopping for new workout clothes. Cleaning is the last thing I want to do. I think my house is just about the dirtiest I’ve ever seen it, (yes my dirty is still cleaner then most people’s clean) but its bugging me. There is clutter and dust and its driving me insane. I’m now taking applications for a house cleaner who will work for free or the cost of a six pack. Tomorrow is my only day with zero plans and it looks like I will be at the gym and then cleaning all stupid day. I hate being grown up.
*if there are no spaces between paragraphs or errors in this post I’m sorry. I’m attempting to blog from my phone. There is no spell check feature on here.

One thought on “Wanted. House cleaner who works for free

  1. Hee. Your disclaimer made me laugh, because my daughter sent home a note from camp that was one long run on sentence, and her PS was “I know that is a run on sentence but it’s my letter so there.”” Feel free to co-op that mentality.”


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