What's in my purse updated edition…what not to buy

A few months ago I showed you all what was inside my SakRoots purse.  Remember, it was this purse. I loved that purse.  Stuff fit just right.  So imagine my dismay when one day the strap ripped clean off the bag.  I was a bit mad.  A lot mad.  Okay I was fucking pissed.  I went back to the store I bought the bag from, and since I had paid cash for it and lost the receipt they did not want to exchange the bag.  This was doubly annoying since the same bag was still sitting on the shelves, so obviously I wasn't trying to return an old ass bag.  I kind of threw a fit.  I told the store that this was the THIRD…THIRD!!! bag from their store that had ripped.   I finally told the lady to just fuck it, keep the bag and I would never shop at their store again.  The lady felt so bad for me that she went over the managers head, grabbed the new bag and made an exchange for me.  

However.  The sales lady also made a big production of begging me not to buy that same purse.  She said the brand had gone down hill, and considering my bag weighed 9lbs that she knew the new bag would break also.  I didn't have time to shop so I took the new bag and left.

27 days later the replacement bag broke.  In the same damn spot.


I was seething.  I went back up to the store, receipt and tags in hand this time and asked for a store gift card.  I found this new purse by Fossil (whom I love)

It's basically everything I love in a purse.  It has front pockets for my keys and phone, and a second one for fast access lip gloss, lipstick, perfume and gum.  Inside there are four small pockets (most purses only have two) for tissues, lotion, and other random shit.  Then there is a full size zippered pocket along the liner of the purse.  It's as deep as the whole purse which I love because it means when I fill it up it doesn't weigh down the top side of the purse causing it to sink in. It's sturdy as shit, seriously this thing never bends.

In fact, it's so sturdy that my gun fits inside one of the pockets and that still doesn't bend the outside wall of the purse.  WHAT!

Everything fits in it perfectly.  My iPad mini drops right in.  Everything has a perfect spot.  It's just so much happiness.

But wait there is more!

I added a new bag inside of my purse.  The gym bag.  I took my first Ipsy makeup bag and converted it into my gym bag.

That means that now at all times I have my headphones, my new Polar watch (lurve), my gym locker lock, and my iPhone 5 adapter for the machines with the old chargers on it. 

Plus the new purse even has room for my water bottle and my towel, so now when I head to the gym I can carry every single thing I love in one bag.

But that's not even the best part.  The best part, is that I happened to walk into the store on a day there was a sale without knowing it.  So I picked up this bag, saw the price and found it was the same price as my SakRoots.  When I got to the check stand the purse was on sale.  It rang up at only FORTY DOLLARS.


Fuck yeah!  Now I had extra money to spend.  So I did the most logical thing possible.  I went to the bra and panties section and purchased some new thong underwear and some of the cutest damn bandeau bra tops to lounge around the house in. I had enough to buy some chocolate truffles also.  I still have a $1.00 left on the gift card after all of that. So in the end it was a win win for me.  I am a little upset however that I contacted Sakroots on Twitter three times, even including a picture of the destroyed purse and I didn't hear a peep back. I was pretty shocked.  I expected a, "we are so sorry that happened," response or something. But I heard NOTHING.  I even posted to their Facebook.  I plan to email them letting them know that two of their purses broke within 50 days, in the same spot and that I'm not the only one because both of the stores sales associates told me the brand has gone down hill and that they have seen a decline in quality.  I'm pretty bent because they used to be a fairly decent brand.  

I'm thrilled to pieces that this whole mess led me to my fun new Fossil purse.

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