Things that drive me crazy

At the end of Pitch Perfect when Anna Kendrick is getting ready to tell the new people what song they will audition for right before she says the song the movie cuts off.  WHY!  The entire movie is about music, it's about her music and when we get a chance to hear what song she would pick for people to sing it cuts off.  

That right now there is not a single Criminal Minds or Law and Order CI on any channel.  That is criminal.

People who smell like cat pee at the gym.

People who let out a fart so stinky I question whether or not they crapped their pants while I'm trying to run on the treadmill.

When I put sun screen on, still burn, and then two weeks later when I think I've avoided peeling I look down at the gym to see this:

Those would be blisters from the sweat that occurred while running.

When I obviously had no choice but to rub the blisters leaving my chest and shoulders looking like this:

Isn't it sexy?

When a new coffee creamer comes out and I can't find it anywhere.

When Pop Tart finally decides to come out with an amazing peanut butter Pop tart that taste exactly like a soft, melty peanut butter cookie, and I can't eat them because my son is deadly allergic to them.

When the doctor refuses to refill my sleeping medicine on time and I've gone over ten days now without my sleeping meds.

When the doctor said she will only prescribe .5mg Xannax pills instead of 1mg pills and then only give me 60 pills. It takes 1.5mg for me to sleep and 1mg for anxiety attacks.  Meaning no matter what happens, I will never have enough to get through the month. The least she could do is refill it on time.

Removing nail polish.

The fact that I cannot manage to not put my fingers in my  mouth after removing the polish.

When my dog shakes himself off right near my food and I can actually see the shit fly off him and onto my food.

That my husband weighs less then my 1st goal weight.

That he can't gain weight.

That I cannot lose weight no matter how much I work out.

That my car does not have a sun roof.

That no matter what soap I switch to, or what I do my arms, back and neck will not stop breaking out due to some kind of allergy that no one can pin down.


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