Clean all the things

Friday when I got off work I was tired.  My husband has been working so hard, and taking on so much more responsibility so that I can have time to go to the gym so when I got home I decided before I sat down and started reading I would put away the dishes and load the dish washer.  Then I remembered him telling me he wished the cup cabinet was organized because for about five years we have just been cramming all sorts of cups and shit in one cabinet and it would barely shut anymore. So I cleaned out the whole cabinet and organized it.  Then I cleaned out the kids lunch / Tupperware drawers.  But then I looked at the play room downstairs. It was a mess.  Not a noticeable mess.  The floors were picked up, the table cleaned, the couch wasn't messy, but on closer inspection the shelves were a fucking disaster and the toy box was over flowing.  See:

I knew that bothered my husband too.  The room started as his man cave and then slowly became a play room.  It's never stayed clean and it drives him crazy.  I've been promising to organize it but between the gym and relaxing it never happens.  Friday night I had enough.  I decided it was time.  I packed up all of my old shot glasses and personal shit, I ripped every single thing off the shelves and I drove to Walmart.  I bought some bins and set to work.

The beginning and the middle.

Almost done (my stool and cleaning supplied were still there.)

The finished product.  I emptied the toy box, and it's actually going to move out of the room next weekend when I clean the shed out.  The shelves are spotless and once I make labels with pictures the kids can never tell me again they don't know where stuff goes.  Aside from Codi cuddled on a blanket in the corner on top of the giant bean bag, that is the cleanest the room has ever been.  The boys have strict rules now that they may play with one box at a time, and not touch another box until the last one has been cleaned up and put away.

After that I remembered how much my husband hates looking at my side of the bedroom. My husband does laundry.  I help fold and he puts away.  Everyones laundry gets folded and put away but mine.  I have a shitty set up.  My dresser is crammed in my closet and I don't have near enough drawers for everything.  When I met my husband I had two dressers and a very large closet.  Now, he has one of my dressers and I'm supposed to cram all of my stuff into five drawers.  It doesn't work.  I end up so mad I just refuse to even fold laundry.  I live out of laundry baskets.  Saturday after we worked out, got the kids hair cuts and went to the gym I decided to just get it out of the way.  

This was my side of the bedroom.

That is all of my laundry.  His side of the room is immaculate.

This is how it looks now.

My husband was thrilled.  Then I looked in my closet. 

Dear God.  I pulled out all of my shoes…see

Then I set to work vacuuming and mopping the floor in my closet.  I bought a shoe organizer at Walmart for $18.00 and a three drawer plastic bin and set about folding and hanging, and cleaning, and hanging, and folding, and more folding.  I had my husband put some nails in the wall so I could hang my bras up instead of mashing them into a drawer.  They are now hanging in the closet behind some shirts so no one sees my bras when they walk into the room. Last week I had cleaned out my night stand which is a huge deal since two weeks ago the drawers wouldn't even shut.  

Look how pretty it is now.

I dusted the rest of the room, cleaned up any other random shit and then my husband changed the sheets and we were able to relax.  

I hate my summer bedding, it's boring.

The only thing left in our room was some picture frames I wanted hung.  They were cluttering my husbands side of the room so I went ahead and push pinned them into the wall so he could rehang them correctly and now we have officially started our picture wall in the staircase. 

It's blurry because I was shaky after the gym.

I still have a shit ton of projects.  I need to organize the front hall closet.  I need to take all the clothes off the top of Brandon's closet and sort them into bins by sizes so I can hand them down to Codi.  I need to do the same in Codi's room so I can donate stuff.  I need to mop the whole house, and clean all three bathrooms, and I still need to take everything off the kitchen counters and wash the counters and all the shit on them.  I need to clean the stove top.  I need to do  a lot.  But doing these few things, really, really really made me relax some.  I am thrilled with the look of the play room.  I was so happy getting into bed last night in a clean and organized bedroom.  I love when I get into these little moods and want to clean all of the stuff.  It doesn't happen often but I'm glad when it happened this time I picked big projects and actually finished them all!

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