Okay lets talk about the big giant elephant in the room

Fine.  I think it's time to discuss this.  It can only be avoided for so long.  The casting of 50 Shades of Grey.  For today we are only going to discuss Christian.  

Y'all they did a stellar job casting him.  I am sorry for everyone that wanted Matt Bomer and Ian Sommersaultwhatever but lets be realistic here, they were never Christian.

Let's break Christian down first.  He is a damaged man.  He is a dark man.  He is controlling, and dark.  He is intimidating.  He stalks his prey.  Christian is a scary man.  

He is also sweet, and gorgeous and once in a while he has that sweet little boy smile.  

He is a huge mix of things.

Matt Bomer is a pretty face.  Matt Bomer is not scary, intimidating or damaged.  Matt Bomer would not make me quiver, he would not make me shut up and listen just by giving me the right look.  He is not much more then a pretty face.

When they announced the casting and I saw the first picture of Charlie Hunman I knew immediately he was perfect.  I hadn't even watched Sons of Anarchy yet.  I had no idea the character he played.  Based solely on looks you could tell.  His eyes are both beautiful, yet dangerous.  You can tell that he's probably a super fun guy, he's very nice and he looks like he is incredible in bed.  However if you look a little bit harder you can see, that this guy would probably kill for his family, he would fuck someone up if they hurt his mom, sister, wife or daughter.  You can just see it in his eyes.

Tell me that doesn't look like a man struggling with his whole entire being.

Then I watched the show.  

Are you guys fucking kidding me.  They could not have cast a more perfect guy.  He is scary, he is sexy, he is adorable, he's the hottest thing I've seen on TV in a long time.  I can tell you that if Jax (his character on that show) came up to me and told me to strip and get on my knees, I would be naked faster then a ninja in a fight.  He plays his character well. He is loyal, he is hard, he is soft with his girl, his mom and his baby.  He beats the shit out of some guys and my God if it isn't the hottest thing I've ever seen.  I can just picture him punching someone for Ana. 

What I cannot picture is pretty little Matt Bomer being intense enough to make a girl drop down and submit to her knees with one look.  Matt Bomer is all white picket fences, and puppies. Matt is VANILLA.  He is NOT Christian.  He is not mercurial. He is not a broken little boy who had a horrible upbringing.  He is none of the things the guy who plays Christian would need to be.

If you all set aside your little crush on him and just spent five minutes watching Charlie Hunman act you would see it too.  You would see how well he plays troubled, how well he plays broken, how well he plays a man torn between who is is and who he was, and who he wants to be. He's already playing this character in his show.  

I mean really.  Look at those eyes.  Look at that smile  That body.  That emotion.  For just a moment suspend your Matt Bomer reality and look at all of the characteristics of Christian, then watch one episode of Sons of Anarchy and tell me that you don't see just how absolutely perfect Charlie is for this role.

Yeah….I would take him to bed in a heartbeat.  Clean him up some, take off the tattoos from the show and I can see Ana doing anything he asks her too.

This is what Charlie and I think of all your complaints about casting him.

Scuse' me I need to go wipe up the drool of my keyboard.

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