I know, lets just cut her open again!

I went to my OBGYN yesterday for a follow up on my last visit.  While there my doctor went over the results of the CT scan with me.  She also reviewed my blood work from my last trip to ER.  The CT results sucked they basically found nothing.  I'm so mad.  I wanted there to be a definitive answer.  Some of the radiologist and GI doctors comments sort of pissed me off though.  They noted that my uterus looked normal.  That is odd since I haven't had a uterus since 2010.  The doctor knows I had a hysterectomy leaving me only one ovary, yet she states that my missing body part looked fine.  They noted that they could not see my gallbladder, and that it must have been hiding.  My gallbladder was removed in 2007.  The doctor also knew that.  They noted that my left ovary had a 5.2 cm cyst on it and that my right ovary was not visible.  I do not have a right ovary. Again this is information they knew. They noted that I was severely constipated (sorry if TMI).

My OB was pissed.  He was mad that a doctor who clearly knew all of those things about me would make those comments.  If they said that my uterus looked fine and I don't even have a uterus then how hard did they really look at the scan? Then they went over my labs.  The ER lab work showed that I am again severely anemic. What makes me irate about this is that I specifically asked the ER doctor about my iron because I've felt off for a while.  I verified with my husband who concurred that the ER doctor flat out said that my lab results were perfect and showed nothing.  My doctor gave me a copy of my lab work with three giant bold flags on it.  This bothers me because this is the same ER doctor that failed to do an X-ray when I came in to find out what was causing my pain and the second time this ER has dropped the ball on my treatment.

He said that he's had enough of the testing.  All of these test can build up and do more damage then good.  He said that because I have the large cyst on my remaining ovary he can now take over my care.  In two weeks I will have an ultrasound to check the size of the cyst.  Then he will schedule me with a general surgeon.  From there they will go in with a small scope to remove the cyst and then do some looking.  He believes we will find scar tissue and possibly more endometriosis on my cervix and remaining ovary.  Doing the scope will allow them to see everything.  It is the fastest and easiest way to get answers. 

I am happy.  I love this doctor.  He's done all of my surgeries, he's delivered my babies and he has always taken impeccable care of me.  This is now in his hands.  I've called my general practitioner and asked her to get a copy of my labs so we can deal with the anemia again. 

There is a chance the cyst could rupture before the surgery and that shit will hurt.  The last one that ruptured was 1/8th of the size of this one and it put me in the hospital.  I'm kind of scared.  At the same time I'm relieved.  I am so happy that a doctor I trust is taking over.  I'm super happy a cyst was found because that was the only way this doctor could get involved.  Now that there is issues in my girl areas he can get all up in my care and take care of me.

So that is the latest update. 

One thought on “I know, lets just cut her open again!

  1. I don’t trust ER doctors as far as I can throw them. Any ER doctor. I have had four misdiagnosis or flat out the wrong treatment on 4 different occasions at three different ERs all for kidney stones. Whether they ignored what I was saying, refused to give me proper treatment, or overlooked proper procedure, each time was a nightmare.
    I also have a brother in law who is permanently unable to walk on his own because a doctor on Christmas Eve was too lazy to properly treat him for a spinal cord injury and told him to not bother with surgery. 6 months later when he was paralyzed and rushed to emergency surgery his surgeon told us he should have been rushed to emergency surgery that very night, holiday or not.
    ER doctors just don’t care. They are over worked, tired, and jaded.


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