The thing I just cannot handle yet

You guys, I am not okay with Finn Hudson dying.  This is probably the first time a celebrity dying has really kicked my ass.  Losing Cory sucks. 

I don't know if it's simply because I was so hell bent on Rachel and Finn getting married and having Finn die would have been like having Ross die in the final season of Friends.  You can't just one day not have Ross and Rachel, the same way that I CANNOT have Glee without Finn and Rachel.  I am devastated.  I will go ahead and admit right now that in the episode Finn decided not to marry Rachel and he instead sent her to NYC I cried for two days. 

I'm not even sorry. 

I cried a lot.  How dare he.  How dare the show.  Dammit they were supposed to get married.  Now Cory is dead and Finchel will never happen. I am livid.  Why couldn't they have had them get married two seasons ago?  We could have at least gotten the wedding and the happy ending. 

I have cried every episode this season that did not happen.  I have no idea how I am supposed to get through this weeks goodbye episode. I am very nervous about how they will handle it.  I've heard rumors that they won't even acknowledge the drugs and that pisses me off.  They need to acknowledge it.  They need to have Finn die of an overdose.  The world needs to see the consequences.  Hiding it from America and giving him some other ending or not ever acknowledging that he over dosed is not only letting him off easy but it's letting America think that it should be hidden, that it should not be dealt with, and that basically Cory got away with how he died.

I am mad at him.  I am so mad at him for dying.  I am mad at him for going to that hotel and getting those drugs and not getting some fucking help.  I'm mad at the mess he left behind.  I'm mad that he had a pretty incredible life and he chose the path he did.

I'm tired of Hollywood going to a part time rehab and then being let off the hook.  Why didn't he have a handler? Why wasn't someone watching his stupid ass? 

I am mad.  I am mad and I am sad and I am fucking heartbroken.

I hate the show now.  Rachel is never again allowed to date.  The whole thing is tarnished. 

I don't know how to watch this weeks show.


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