That moment when you cannot respond without uncontrollable laughter

I encountered something new this weekend.

Someone gave me their business card.  Only….it was a play date card.  Their husband handed me their card first, it listed his company, his job and his contact info.  Then his wife handed me her card.  I looked down and her company was listed as, "mom to Sally and Joey." 

I.  What?  This is a thing?  I Google'd it and it's a real live thing.  Women are really handing out business cards just to score play dates.  I don't even know how to handle this without laughing in someones face.  Don't take this out of context, I'm not making fun of stay at home moms.  I think they are awesome and if I could be a stay at home mom I would be in a heart beat.  However, if someone asked me for my phone number I would just verbally give them my number.  Or perhaps jot it down on a piece of paper.  But to spend money on an actual business card that just lists my kids name and my phone number.  WHY?

It's weird. It felt like a cry for help.  It almost came of as if the lady was ashamed of her life.  As though she had no big job with a business card to hand out so she made her own.  Either that or it was a desperate cry for attention and friendship.

I realize I sound like a bitch, which is fine.  This is my blog and I can be a bitch.  Any of you reading me for any amount of time know that I'm a totally opinionated asshole.  I'm okay with that.  I'm fine with someone leaving me nasty comments about how they have a play date business card and it's so cool and who am I to judge them.  But I am.  I am totally judging you.  Why does everything have to be so over designed now?  In this age of Pinterest is nothing sacred anymore?  Can a woman not just grab a scrap of paper and write her name down?  Better yet since we almost all have smart phones, can one mom not simply program another moms phone number in her phone?  Is it all a competition now?  Whose play date card is fancier, what grade paper did they use, is it recycled, what company did they order from, etc.  Is there nothing that we won't turn into an overly done Pinterest craft?  Where does it stop? 

No one sends out paper invites anymore (I do), it's all E-vites or Facebook messages.  No one writes letters anymore (I still mail my grandma and friends hand written letters).  No one says Happy Birthday in person any more (my grandma and I always do), birthday's are only acknowledged via text or Facebook now.  Nothing is personal anymore. I feel like taking the verbal exchange out of trading phone numbers is just going to far.  Is it really too hard to speak words to another persons face?

I'm so bothered by this shit. 

3 thoughts on “That moment when you cannot respond without uncontrollable laughter

  1. I will cop to having these. For me, it’s mostly because I’m a stationary slut, and any excuse to but pretty pretty paper will do. But I’m also a working mom, and I found that stay at home moms were LESS likely to get in touch with me if I gave them my work business card, even if I scribbled my personal cell phone number on the back, than if I used these. Don’t know why, but like I said — any excuse.


  2. Haha someone gave me one of those once. It didn’t say mom to so-and-so, it was just a business card that listed her name and contact info. I think since literally everyone these days has a cell phone it’s just easier to tell/text someone your contact info so they can save it instead of handing out an actual card. Heck, my husband is self employed and half the people he works for font even want his business card they want him to text or email the info instead.


  3. I have them, but they were free. I don’t hand them out but when my kid is like Mom I want you to call my friends Mom and see if she can come over and I can’t read the 5 year olds writing I hand her a card and say just have her call me. Its worked out pretty good, but I work full time and arranging play dates is the last thing on my list. Otherwise I would never have them. P.S. even though I have these cards I still think they are stupid 🙂


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