Finally getting some answers on the stomach issues

When I couldn't get pregnant we spent a ton of money with a fertility specialist.  We did two IUI treatments and nothing happened.  At my annual pap with my OBGYN I mentioned it to him.  He quickly prescribed me a medicine to clear up some bacteria that was attacking the sperm, and within 3 weeks I was pregnant. 

Then I started having high cholesterol.  The doctor wanted to put me on all kinds of medications that I would remain on for life.  At my yearly annual with the OBGYN they noticed my lab work, noticed my cholesterol and instead told me to take some herbal remedies.  Within 5 months my cholesterol dropped 56 points.

I've recently been going through a lot of issues with my stomach.  Swelling, pain, and multiple problems. I had a CT scan a few months ago and my stomach doctors read it and told me all was normal.  While I was at this years annual my OBGYN looked at the CT scan and noticed that the radiologist had noted that my uterus was healthy.  Only problem is I haven't had a uterus for about 3 years. He was pretty pissed off that the stomach doctors had missed that.  He asked about my colonoscopy.  I told him the stomach doctors hadn't ordered one.  He was appalled, I've been seeking treatment for a year and never once had anyone ordered a colonoscopy.  He ordered one and said he had a gut feeling that from all of my surgeries there was a good chance that scar tissue had caused my bowels to be blocked and that if we found that out it could easily be repaired with a small incision.  

I just spent almost 72 hours being pumped full of laxatives and on a strict Gatorade and broth diet only.  I lost over 6 lbs in fluid weight.  Every time I stood up I saw white and got dizzy.  I finally arrived today for my colonoscopy.  The stomach doctor got less then a third of the way in and hit a block.  She tried changing positions, tried shooting water in to clear it, tried everything.  Nothing worked.  I have a blocked bowel.  This could have been discovered a year ago if the first doctor I saw had concentrated on the symptoms instead of my weight, and if the second doctor had listened to what the X rays had said, and what I was saying.  I'm so frustrated.  It bothers me that doctors can just brush someone off so easily.  It bothers me that every time I've been fixed it was by a damn OBGYN AFTER I had paid specialists a bunch of money.

So now we schedule the surgery.  They do the small incision, find the blockage, and repair it.  I should be good as new after that.  I really hope I don't have to go through another 72 hours cleanse though.  I'm not sure I can handle that again.

2 thoughts on “Finally getting some answers on the stomach issues

  1. I am so glad they finally figured it out. It sounds like your OBGYN is the only competent one in the bunch. Here is hoping it is quick and effective.
    I have had much the same issues with my doctors. Though I do love my primary doctor, when I gave him a random list of issues I was having he didn’t put them together as all symptoms of one problem. I casually mentioned them to by OBGYN at my yearly and she had me diagnosed and medicated properly by the end of the visit.


  2. can your OBGYN be your regular doctor?! those specialist aren’t so special. I had to do the same colon cleanse. Moviprep. it was horrible. so glad you are FINALLY getting it figured out.


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