Most recent progress photos

Here are my most recent progress photos from the gym

I've been doing a clean eating diet since May 20th and I love it.  It's made a huge change in my weight loss.  I also achieved the goal today of reaching my lowest weight since 2008.  You may remember in 2008 I had a weight loss blog called Tuesday Tummy Tuck.  I lost a lot of weight during that.  It was right after having a baby while breast feeding.  I stopped breast feeding and gained it all back.  This time it's taken a year but I've managed to lose at least 35 pounds. I've lost 29 of them since I met my trainer.  The people at the gym now hang my progress photos on the wall to use as sales pitches because I've made such great progress.  This has been the most incredible life changing journey and I want to thank everyone who still follows along with me on here!

2 thoughts on “Most recent progress photos

  1. These photo’s of you are very inspiring. I never had a weight problem till I hit 40. Now I’m a mess and am at the highest weight I’ve ever been(168). My comfortable weight is between 130 and 140, but it seems I have no motivation to get there, despite my last blood glucose levels being in the prediabetes range and despite the fact that I can’t stand to look in the mirror. I’ve suffered from major depression(treatment resistant) for many years. This is my first time on your site and I will definitely be back. You seem like a very strong woman, despite what you may sometimes think. Anyways, thanks for listening.


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