Tattoos and health

I'm having a new tattoo drawn up.  Everyone is going to wonder where I will put it, why I need more, why don't I spend the money on something else.  Here are the answers.  Up until three years ago all of my tattoos were basically hideable.  They weren't in places the whole world could see. This was strategic.  Not because I worried about jobs or being judged, but because I felt I was too fat to have visible tattoos.

The day I got Lucille on my arm

Was also the day I had silently told myself I was going to get healthy.  I put this tattoo in such a visible spot because I know that I'm the kind of person who can't have a tattoo like that on a huge fat arm.  I've always wanted sleeves but I knew I was too fat.  I realized one day that if I just went ahead and got the tattoo that I would have no choice but to get the arms that matched it. 

From there I got my ribs done.  I wanted encouragement to lose weight, to lose belly fat, to feel comfortable lifting up my shirt and showing someone that tattoo, or feel okay wearing a bikini and showing it off.

My next tattoo will continue down my ribs over my hip and onto the top of my outer thigh.  Why? Because I need the motivation to keep losing weight, to keep working harder on my leg muscles, to not quit at the gym.  If I quit now all of these tattoos will be wasted.  They will be that thing I hate; a beautiful tattoo on a hideous canvas.

This is another reason why I get so bothered with people judging my ink.  They have no idea that the Lucille tattoo on my arm probably saved my life.  I've lost 51 pounds since I got that tattoo.  Isn't that right there enough of a reason to not bother me about my ink, to not judge me?

I don't know that I will ever stop getting tattoos.  I love them.  I love seeing them in the mirror, I love looking down and catching a glimpse of the beautiful colors on my arms. I love when my feet are in the sand and I see my tattoos peeking out.  I love working out and seeing the tattoos in motion.  I love that as I lose weight my tattoos just look better and better and encourage me more.

Everyone has their own motivation for getting healthy.  My tattoos were only one of the many things that motivated me.  I encourage you to find your thing, your motivation and get started.  You may hate every second of the workout and the healthy eating while it's happening, but damn will you love the rewards. 

3 thoughts on “Tattoos and health

  1. A very interesting perspective. I was curious about the tattoos but it’s such a personal decision, I didn’t ask. They look great and I applaud you on getting healthy. Congrats! 🙂


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