I know it’s not my official day to post but still…

by Ginger

…I have more pictures of baby Codi!

Big brother Brandon checking out the new addition to the family.

Awww..mom and Codi! She is such a ham…this was totally a posed picture!
His cute little feet…they are so small!

A quiet moment together.

The ham posing again…with her husband eating his sushi in the background!

“No mom, please don’t hand me over to Auntie Ginger…I am so warm and happy here with you.”

Codi kicking up his heels after a good meal! This picture is my favorite!

My last doctors visit!!!!

I had my pre-op / last doctors visit today. I have some huge news to report. I am spawning a second Brandon. That’s right this child is just as fucking defiant as my first and he isn’t even born yet. The nurse was trying to get his heart beat and the second the doppler touched my belly he went nuts. He wasn’t having it. Anytime she picked up his heart beat he would kick and squirm away till she lost it. It took a full damn five minutes for her to find it and was getting to the point where she thought the doctor might have to come find it for her. Anyway the doctor came in and asked if I wanted an exam and I just laughed at him. I informed him that even though we are doing a C-section he should probably pack his spare set of Jaws Of Life to get this kid out because he is not coming out from under my ribs. He laughed and said if I felt that way I probably didn’t need an exam. I haven’t gained in weight in the last week which is good since I’ve been eating really well. Then we went in and he had me sign the consent for C-section. Don’t worry guys it is totally safe. I can only end up, dead, deformed, paralyzed, infected…..the list went on and on. I guess in the end it is a good thing I have a doctor I trust with my whole life, and typing this better not jinx me. Then we talked about tubal ligation. Since my hospital and insurance are both Catholic they in no way shape or form cover that unless it is necessary. This is because it is considered birth control and apparently Catholics don’t like birth control or something. Anyway he tells me that if my uterus is thin at the bottom he can do a tubal ligation and insurance will then cover it. So we are now THINKING THIN PEOPLE! Because you see Rob and I only want two kids and if I don’t get my tubes tied during the surgery we are going to have to have his “stuff” snipped and we have to pay for the whole thing ourselves, because again, the stupid Catholic insurance thing. Anywhoo I’m really excited about the possibility of having that shit all done in one surgery. He also said he promises to take my tattoo into consideration again when he is cutting me open. Oh yeah and as long as I can fart, pee, take my pills and eat then I can go home when ever I’m ready weeeehaw no more 4 days in the hospital shit as long as all goes well.













Follow up with the pernatologist (still can’t spell it)

First, I have pictures but the computer that the scanner is attached to was taken home from work this weekend and not returned, so I have to wait for the hubs to bring my Macbook to me at work to upload em. So far I say Codi looks like a chubbier Brandon.

Anywho. I’m not really one for details but the basic jist of it all is that Codi weighs 4 lbs 5oz. He measures good and his fluid is good. However, the doctor doesn’t like how my placenta looks. He said it looks like a big piece of dough that someone tried to cut with a biscuit cutter (all I was thinking was mmmmm biscuits). He also listened to some noise, I believe the placenta. Anyway what it came down to is he didn’t like it. I have to go back next week to see if I improve. He said if it doesn’t improve it can make the baby stop growing which will be a problem. I was told to take it easy, stop doing house chores and lay down more. He said sitting at work doesn’t count because sitting is virtually standing. I guess I will learn more next week!

Answer time

I’ve never been good at going back and answering questions or respond in the comment box, because I don’t think I’m cool enough like Swistle to have people actually wait on pins and needles for her responses. So I’m going to try and go through a few comments and answer them, but then I’m also opening up this comment section for ya’ll to ask me ANY OLE THING YOU WANT! Really any thing and I promise to answer it honestly!

Swistle: I probably tried to keep the ear hat, but for some reason hats and mittens have proved impossible for me to keep. I have a giant basket of winter baby accessories so I will for sure dig around in there to see if I have it for Codi.

Patty: My husband is a brat…he would laugh in the face of the empathy belly, well, unless maybe I packed his belly with cans of beer instead of weights!

Patty: I don’t think he was nesting, I think he was afraid for his life if he didn’t help. I am still totally and utterly shocked that he cleaned the top of the fridge though!

J: The occasion was that he couldn’t handle one more pouty face from his wife!

Kat: Oh geez. NO I don’t fart in front of Rob, however I don’t dart in front of anyone. My mom was always that lady who would fart right in the grocery store and laugh about it, NOT ME! I don’t do embarrassing noises. I actually didn’t even burp in front of Rob for about a year. He still looks at me weird when I do. I am by no means a lady but I just hate farting. If you fart in front of me and it smells, I might even cry. I suck! If it is the middle of the night and one of those little sleep farts escapes from me, I wake up panicked that he heard it and can’t go back to sleep forever until I know he wasn’t awake and didn’t hear. Then I will only half sleep because I’m too busy squeezing my ass cheeks shut so that I make sure I NEVER FART AT NIGHT AGAIN!

Lainy: I understand not wanting to sweep anymore, but I would rather sweep every day then clean vomit out of a carpet. Also, I have an issue with dirt. I need to be able to see it so I can clean it right away. On carpet I always knew there was dirt and dust secretly lurking there, but since I couldn’t see it I just refused to sit on my carpet. If something fell on it, I considered it CONTAMINATED! However now, if something is dirty I can see it and grab my swiffer or dust buster for quick jobs. I think I will get far less hives over the imaginary things living in my carpet now!

Rachel: I think you are super sexy and I think we also need a video of you bringing sexy back mmmkay!

Kat again: I went 9 months with out sex before I met my husband. It was actually closer to eleven months. It was after Eli when I went on a total sex, kissing relationship phase. Then I met Rob’s roomate, screwed him and it all went down hill from there..I ended up married after that. Before I started bleeding this pregnancy I was doing a good job of keeping the sexy in my pregnancy this time around!

Christy: NO NO NO NO SNOW, BAD CHRISTY STOP NO! I am a beautiful flower I need sunshine to grow!

Megan: I have no idea why I live here, other then I’m to big of a wussy to move away from my mommy and daddy, gosh I’m lame!

J: In terms of having a son…BE AFRAID BE VERY VERY AFRAID!

Jen: I would loooove to shake your milk for you, if you would just hurry up and come back to Reno, since I already covered the whole not leaving my mommy and daddy thing.

Jen: I thhink it is awesome your husband comes running when you call the dog. That is a well trained man.

Kat again: Knob head is hilarious, and yes I seriously call my son a little shit, shit head and little fucker. My husband has a cow if he hears it which is why in front of him I say Brandon you are such a turkey….it’s censored name calling. ha ha.


Had my two week check up today and guess what?

I only gained two pounds! TWO! Go me. That makes me right on track with a pound a week…so what if I have an extra 15 pounds in there. To celebrate I had the rest of my tasty blackberry milk shake from Jack in the Box (seriously go get one right now)

I decided this week not to suck it in for my pictures so you can see my belly in all its glory.
Codi is measuring 33 weeks and the doctor says, “that is either because he is big, or because your a little on the, ummm short side.” Short side huh. 5′ 1″ and 3/4 counts as short now. I thought that was cute height, but noooo now I’m short. Gee thanks.

I actually dressed really cute today. I woke up, took a shower with my apple body wash, put on my apple lotion and sprayed on my apple body spray. I headed to work and was promptly puked on by my two year old. All up in my braids and everything! Grrrr. So this was my new outfit! Luckily I was off today so it was okay if I wore it right!

Oh and Christy, I would totally throw on a night gown while I did my hair and make up, ceptin I don’t do my hair and I NEVER wear makeup! Sooo I’m stuck struggling into my jeans with wet legs..thats the reason they wouldn’t go on, because I was wet, not because I’m fat.

And I just realized the previous entry with the words, “I’m wet” are going to probably get me Googled for some really weird things. I wish I knew how to do that doohicky where I could see what pulled up my name when searched for in Google!

For the sake of argument

Last night while I was peacfully relaxing in the bath my husband decides to tell me he isn’t sure that Codi’s name should be Codi.


I jolted up and said, boy have you got one hell of a fight coming. Because this kids name is Codi. You know what he thinks Codi’s name is???

Hmmm do ya?


Huh. That fruit cake from Sex in the City, Aiden, what. Ummm no.

Thats it, the only name he can come up with to replace Codi is Aiden. Uh huh, NO. His rational is that Aiden means little fire or some bullshit and since CODI has been kicking me so hard it literally makes me want to cry lately he thinks the name sounds fitting.

So for arguments sake, what do you all think. Should Codi’s name be CODI or should it be Aiden 😦

Having two!

Last weekend Rob and I went to the Rib cookoff and we took Brandon along in his stroller. While we were there we started talking about maybe needing a second stroller or a double stroller. He thought we should just get two which I said was fine IF HE PLANNED ON ALWAYS BEING WITH ME WHEN I WENT OUT. So we then talked about the double strollers. Do we go side by side or front and back and so on. On Friday I mosied down to Babies R Us to look at what they had and found this little beauty. It seemed nice, it was designed for a toddler up front and an infant in back. You could put the carseat in there or you could simply put the baby in the back as the rear seat was made all cusiony and nice for infants. I went home and decided to check the ratings on said stroller as I do with everything before I add it to my registry. I got home and was pleased to see it rated well but I couldn’t find the color I liked online so I knew I had to go back into the store. My cousin and I went back in and took the stroller down and played with it more. Then we stuck her three year old in it to see if she fit nicely. Jaida seemed to really enjoy it. We pushed it around the store and it worked well. So I took the little scanner thing and scanned the stroller. Suddenly it became so real. I am going to have two kids. It was so surreal. I mean yeah I know I’m pregnant and all but I lately having set a date and time for Codi to be born has made this all seem so much more real. I realized that even though Brandon is potty trained most days, I will still need a diaper bag big enough to hold two sets of diapers and toddler snacks along with baby treats. I realize that going places with two kids is going to become a bit of a project especially if they both pass out at the same time or they both want to be held at the same time. This is going to be such an adventure huh? If you are parents of multiple kids what have noticed so far that has been the most challenging part?