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My name is Shannon. I am a Scorpio. I was born in Reno, NV and still live here today. I am married with two boys. On February 18 2020 my 14 year old son took his life. My social media pages are dedicated to bringing awareness to important mental health issues, and reminding you why you need to stay in this world. I kindly ask one thing, please don’t ask how my son died, and if you should find out please never comment it or talk about it on my social media pages. My younger son does not want to know and we need to respect that. Thank you.

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Click below to donate to a non profit organization setting out to award scholarships to Damonte Ranch High seniors graduating with a Food Certificate. Our long term goal will be to feed at risk youth while teaching them how to cook, providing toiletries, laundry services & other life skills. We have just started & are currently in the fundraising stage to purchase griddles, food, toiletries, etc. Every penny counts so click below to help us make Brandons legacy become a reality.

How to donate to help with therapy bills & expenses while Shannon is not working to be home with Codi


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Tattoo Tour

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