It appears only one of us is vegetariant

Codi has decided that he doesn’t want to be a vegetarian. Minutes later the combination of ribs and some red slurpy led to and EMERGENCY bath session for both boys.

Brandon is still preferring to eat his cheese straight from the tub. This kid loves shredded cheese.

I made a gorgeous whole roasted chicken last night. The recipe is here.

It made me giggle as I was putting the herb butter in. People are always shocked that as a vegetarian I will still cook meat. My favorite part though, is people who will eat meat but still won’t touch it. I took a few cooking classes with ladies who refused to touch the raw chicken. There was one who refused to learn to de-bone a whole chicken simply because she wouldn’t crack the rib bone. One lady who didn’t want to learn to fillet a thigh because she WOULD NEVER be caught dead eating dark meat, because, and I quote, “that is poor people meat.”

It would appear I have no problem touching chicken even though I won’t eat it.

I discovered one thing this weekend. The fastest way to piss off a baby is to put his brother in a bath and not him. Codi stood on the side of the bath shouting and pointing his finger and slapping the side of the bath all in a defiant anger because his bath was over and brother was in there.

Oh wow I can’t believe I almost forgot the biggest news of all. I got a third baby. It’s a girl. Want to meet her?

Say hello to Olivia?

If your wondering how I got her let me tell you! First, I had decided I wasn’t buying one. Then halfway through the day I decided I had to buy one or I might spontaneously combust. I left the kids at work, got in line and headed to the store. I found a line about a block long, it passed in front of about 6 or more stores and was going down hill. I had waited in line for about 15 minutes and close to 60 more people were behind me. Then my boss (MOM) called me and said the kids were awake I couldn’t stand in line anymore. So I did what any logical person would do. I cried. Then I sucked it up, bought a Frosty and went back to work. At 3pm I got off early and got myself back in line. After spending about 45 minutes in line directly in front of the real life version of Comic Book Guy

He had his PSP’s and all. He even brought along his son so he could use his credit to buy himself a phone. Suddenly it was my turn and a spunky little girl came running up to me asking “WHO WANTS TO BUY AN IPHONE”. I am ashamed to admit I found myself throwing my hands in the air while simultaneously bouncing up and down shouting I DO I DO YAY IPHONE !!!!!!!!!!
Anyway spunky little girl took me to my spot, did a credit check stole my debit card and POOF I was the proud owner of a 16 gig white Iphone named Olivia. She even let me do the opening box ceremony and remove the phone before plugging it in to their computers to finish the process. Within seconds I was walking out chatting on my phone.

I had ported over from Helio and it hadn’t finished so I could only call on the new phone and receive calls on the old one.


My husband had been browsing online decided that moving to at&t meant he wanted to get the LG VU phone. I called every store and the only one that had the phone happened to be all the way at the end of Sparks, aka 20 minutes away. We drive out there. Get the phone and start the port. I tell the lady that since we are moving shortly we will go ahead and set up our home phone, cable, and internet with them. I get $100.00 for leaving my current company, a mail in rebate for the full amount of the modem and so on. Also as soon as our new phone is installed we will be on the unity plan meaning any at&t number I call from my cell will be free and not count against my minutes. That means I can call my mom at home and blather away for an hour and not use a single cell phone minute. Well turns out it was the ladies first time doing this so TWO HOURS LATER we were finally leaving the store and heading home.

I shit you not, we walk out, get in the car, buckle our seatbelts and drive about 4 feet when my husband says, “well since my phone was so expensive anyway I SHOULD HAVE JUST GOTTEN AN IPHONE.”

People I wanted to kill him. KILL HIM! This from the man who went on an on about not liking the iphone. Not wanting one. Blah blah blah the point is, I saw visions of lines in my head and I was going to put him in front of the car and run his ass over.

It was now 7:30. I called at&t and asked when they closed and they said 8. I decided to forgo returning his phone first and just getting in line at Apple. I would return his phone the next day. I called Ginger and asked if she wanted to waist an hour with me. We got in the store super fast. Got a phone and started the process.


Huh, what? Error?

He says hang on, he has to call At&t he can’t get something to work. 4 hours later, not only was his little scanny mabob reading error but the fucking APPLE SERVERS CRASHED. Crashed people. APPLE. Shouldn’t they have a goddamn backup? At 11:30 a half hour after closing the manager finally agreed to let us put hold messages on our phones, get claim checks and come back. I went back first thing in the morning on Saturday and after almost 2 hours of error messages finally walked out with my husbands shiny black iphone. I’m going to call his Thor!

Finally I left and headed over to the closest At&t store. I was informed of two things. Thing 1: Since they weren’t the store that originally sold my husbands phone, and it was pricey they didn’t want to take the loss on the return. And Thing 2: No matter what store I went to I would have to wait for a refund check since I paid cash and none of the drawers had enough cash. I called the girl who had helped me in Sparks and she was pissed that they wouldn’t help me. I drove another 20 fucking minutes out to sparks and spent the better part of an hour getting my plan fixed, the other phone returned, the case for the husbands phone and what not. Finally the lady felt so bad that I had to wait for a check she applied a student discount to my cell phone bill. Then on top of that, since my husbands phone wasn’t ported yet, they applied a $25.00 credit to my account for the trouble.

Moral of the story. I’m cool, I have an Iphone now. I work it like a pro. I can’t figure out how to download a ringtone for the life of me, and if you live in my area, go see Rita at the Los Altos At&t mobile store!

Oh, the other moral of the story is,

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