I can finally spill the beans

A little over a year ago I encouraged a friend of mine to send a text message. It turned into something neither of us expected. I never thought I would see something so wonderful blossom from one simple text. Now I see two people who are so perfect for each other. (Seriously she doesn’t even mind his hunting, and he doesn’t mind that she hates to hear no)

Congrats Steph & Eli

Head over and tell her congrats
…and also, start piling on the wedding advice people, I haven’t done this shit in a while, whats new and hip in the wedding world.

7 thoughts on “I can finally spill the beans

  1. Not trying to be anon. Just don\’t have a blogger account šŸ˜‰ Anyway, for all I know, Steph, they could be bathing suit bottoms. Just thought it was funny that no one seemed to notice your bright pink panties. lol. Well, didn\’t mean to sound pervy or anything. Congrats on your engagement and best of luck,Aaron


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