So how was the rest of your birthday?

WARNING: These pictures are all kinds of out of order. I don’t care. I don’t feel good. Stuff it!

SO. Wednesday you may remember when I left off my friends were coming by with sweets overload, and of course we talked about how good it was that I had my rain boots. Later in the day Katie and her baby came over and I spent time with him. He is so cute how he kind of just gurgles and coos. Katie went home and Rob texted to let me know he wanted to take me out to dinner. About 14 seconds before he walked in the door I started to feel sick. I thought maybe it was food poisoning. I puked before dinner and by the time we made it to dinner it was apparent I was not going to eat anything. We made it home and I proceeded to puke up every single thing I had eaten that day. At the exact same time my body started to HURT. Every bone was hurting and I was thinking, man this is some bad food poisoning. I spent the rest of the night …ahem, cough (poooooping) and I woke up feeling worse for the wear. Thursday was basically spent doing nothing but complaining and feeling sorry for myself. Friday we took the boys trick or treating and Saturday was spent getting pampered and then it was time for Fantasies in Chocolate.

Now onto the totally out of order photos.

Lisa, Ginger and I with the girls from the Chocolate Walrus.

Oh the horror!

Chocolate dipped goose berries

Chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE

Ginger Lisa and I when the night started

Ginger and I

Mmmm this was raspberry cream chocolate something or other

Lisa and I

This is the “YESSS THERE IS FONDUE But OMG blue cheese” pose.

I did one shot the whole night and drank 1.25 martinis and 4 sips of champagne.

After our very first go round. Holy shit that was ONE BOOTH!

(Ahem out of order)
Sunday my husband woke up and took the kids out of the house so I could sleep in blissfully until 10AM with out a single peep from the boys. Then he spent his time doing all of the laundry for me even folding it, and hanging the last of the pictures in our living room. Check out his awesome wall! I of course spent the day still feeling like shit and still feeling sorry for myself.

Brandon spent the day with his cape on.

Saturday after Fantasies in chocolate us girls met up at my house with the boys and spent the night playing Monopoly. Guess who won.
This was around the time Lisa’s husband Bernard said this game was degrading…he had never lost this bad EVER.
Earlier in the game Bernard anticipated himself and Rob winning. This led to them trading properties and making deals that were in effect until it was just “the two of them” in the game.
Lisa was first out

This was after Rob had just cheated me out of $400.00 by “accidentally” miscounting.

When I got home, Brandon was thrilled to see me.

I am saving these photos for his high school year book
Lisa spent a good portion of the night calling me Sarah Palin…fucker

Before we walked out.

The finished product
My super adorable hair!

Finally the little lion (the wrapper is on that lollipop)
Getting ready to go trick or treating
Brandon and papa drove us around

Codi was…not thrilled about Halloween
Brandon was beyond thrilled and has asked me every day since if it can be Halloween again!

8 thoughts on “So how was the rest of your birthday?

  1. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!! I love the picture of you and Lisa…your face seriously looks flawless in that picture! It looks like you had loads of fun that day! Hopefully your bday wasn\’t ruined by feeling yucky!


  2. Wow! You look gorgeous!And your boys are too dang cute. Poor little Codi wasn\’t happy being a widdle wion. He was SOO cute tho!And the chocolate…wow. I need one of those places to go to. Do you get to take anythign home??


  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!I love the picture of you, Lisa and Ginger! I love your hairdo! Did you do that yourself? WOW!You are too pretty to look like that caribou barbie Palin!OMG I could just hug Codi in his little costume! Um Brandon is gonna kill you for those high heels pics! LOL!Looks like you had a great weekend! YAY!


  4. Hey now, you didn\’t tell the story about how I won Monopoly by only owning 1 monopoloy…3 teeny tiny little properties! And they weren\’t even the expensive ones! Ha ha, that was my greatest victory to date!


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