Lets play a game


This is my bag!  It is Lucky Brand. It is brand new but it isn’t on their goddamn website yet.  Anyway, I love this bag.  It is huge, it is my mom bag.  I can keep all my normal stuff in there plus, when it is time for a doctors visit or an outing I can toss my diaper clutch in it too!  Lets see what is in there.

Damn that is a mess.  Oy Vey!  Hang on.

Ahhh much better.  So.  Top left corner.  My beloved Lucky wallet and medicine bag.  I bought these right before my trip to Oregon and I love them.  I think I will have them until they fall apart.  To the right you will see my blue Real Simple bags.  The top one holds my grocery money and coupons.  The bottom one held all that paper there on the right.  I keep all receipts and papers and rather then just toss them in my bag, I keep them contained in that blue thing.  Then you see my child organizer it was purchased here (they no longer have my print), below is my child doctor journal (I’ll splane later) it was bought here.  There is my stack of papers.  The black notebook is where I jot down blog ideas, lists etc.  There is my Philosophy lip gloss and my Rosebud Salve.  My favorite pen.  Emergency chocolate. Baby wipes.  Two check books, a hat, mittens, and Coach gloves bought at the outlet for TEN BUCKS! One lonely bobby pin, a few dollars and some change!

Here is a close up of my beautiful kid journal

Inside it logs every single doctors appointment, or phone call to the help line, or just whatever about my kids.  I love this because when I can’t remember what the doctor told me for Brandon when Codi is sick I scroll back to that age with Brandon and find the answer.  Or, when Katie called me and said that Dylan wasn’t pooping every day, I went back and read, so that I could remember the doctor said, it is common for breasfed babies to sometimes go an ENTIRE week with out pooping. 

This is my little journal.  I got it at one of this quirky little shops here in Reno.  Currently it houses a blog from yesterday when I was alone with Brandon and Codi and I had a total fucking melt down driving.  It really had nothing to do with them, and everything to do with me, my head, and how I tend to have break downs in the car.

This is my kid file.  It is small and I love it and want to marry it cuz it’s so cute.

I keep both shot records, all business cards in case I need address or doctor info, lab work, and important hand outs.  This is my child lifeline.

Finally this is what is in my medicine bag.  An Epi Pen for Brandon, orajel, Tylenol, Motrin, Dosage things, kids sani wipes and MOMMYS PILL BOX.  Inside is actually only Tylenol and Asprin.  If I was smart it would also hold Valium so that when I broke down driving down the road because memories are flooding over me I could have it at hand instead of thinking…gee that is on my counter at home wouldn’t I fucking love it now.


Anyway. Lets have a little contest.  The first person to correctly guess (or get closest with out going over) how much change I found in my purse wins a $10.00 Starbucks card and a copy of 2 of my favorite books off of my very own bookshelf!  Also if you do a "Whats in my bag" post on your own blog I will post a link to your blog so we can all share our dirty little secrets.


(Please note: Normally my beloved Iphone is in my purse but it was on the charger for this shot.  My keys are never in my bag becaue I have a handy little key basket at home where I put them to sit and look pretty)


To see the other bags follow the links below:

*Sarah from Tunay Na Mahal was first, here is her link http://tunaynamahal.blogspot.com/2009/03/whats-in-my-bag.html (note, she has WAY WAY WAY more stuff in her bag then me!)

*Amanda from Never Ending Playdate has perhaps the saddest purse contents I’ve ever seen, here is her link http://lifelongplaydate.blogspot.com/2008/04/because-she-asked.html (note this is from an older post when she did this, I would like to believe that if she were to do htis now she would at least have a wallet or something!)

11 thoughts on “Lets play a game

  1. Great blog. I love all of the tips and stuff I got from it. OH AND THE PURSE. I WANT ONE!!! I love big purses, especially now that I can really leave without a diaper bag and just throw some wipes and a diaper in mine!
    I guess $4.81


  2. first thanks for delurking over in my world – i sooo wanted a fabric seat for my highchair – thank god my bff talked me out of it!! i don’t even think i ever really get my plastic seat clean!!
    anyways – love this post. i did it awhile back and yours is much more fun! and i love the journal links. i am a journal nut so now i think i need to go shopping.
    as for a guess i would love it if there was exactly $3.62 in there – the exact amount of one tall white chocolate latte!


  3. hey I want to do this too but it’s so late in the evening already! I will warn you though, my purse is super disorganized. I can’t even remember what’s in there! Anyway, I want to guess the coin change. Maybe $2.63?!?


  4. I love your bag ~ I want one too!
    It would fit all my stuff into it ~ not like the little stupid thing I have at the moment ~ I will have to check that website (I know you said it isn’t on there yet!!) ~
    I will have to do this ~ my camera battery is not charged at the moment ~ so I will have to do it tomorrow ~ I will pop back over and let you know when the post is up.
    You are soooo organised with that child notebook and the kid journal ~ I love those ideas!
    I should really try and be more organised!!
    Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXXX


  5. You are ridiculously organized. I lost one of my kids immunization records 3 years ago. I might actually do this post. Just for fun. But most of the shit in purse really is junk…


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