Crissy tagged me for this.  It’s been going around the blogosphere for a while now.  Take a picture of yourself right then and there.  No make up, primping, posing.  You can see how tired I am if you look in my eyes.



I tag the next five people who read this blog!



8 thoughts on “photo

    Hey, I’m actually dressed nice and have mascara on today, I’d totally dig a tagging. JOKING.
    Actually, I am thinking of having Will do my Weigh In photo today, that way I can post it tomorrow and my hair is actually done and stuff. Blah blah…


  2. Such a cute photo, you two look so peaceful. And you look really good for being “all natural”. I hate having my picture taken with no make up on because ever since Jayla was born the rings under my eyes have been especially dark and noticeable LOL


  3. Hey! I came over from Marni’s blog and so glad I did. You are a trip and I LOVE your choice of words.. I have a potty mouth myself and proud of it, lol.
    Have a great day and I’ll be back for sure.


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