You are all traitors

Why on earth did no one tell me about the movie "The Time Travelers wife?"  I’m only twenty minutes into it and I’m already all choked up.  Why why why did no one warn me.  I thought this was going to be some movie about old people or something but NOOOOOO it’s a fucking love story that makes me want to cry every ten seconds.  Next year.  Please, from now on I’m going to need a warning when this kind of shit comes on demand.  Kthx! 



Terrible movie.  Horrible.  That was not at all how it was supposed to end.  NOT AT ALL.  I don’t even care if I spoil it right now but am I the only one who thinks the daughter should have traveled back and prevented it????????  Stupid dumb movie.  I don’t remember the last time I cried this bad.  STUPID!


**Update again**

When you are this emotional it is a very very VERY bad idea to have an Oprah marathon on your DVR.  She just gave a little boy whose brother died $10,000.00 to redo his kitchen so he could keep baking the cookies that he started making to get over the depression over his brother.  He started a little cookie business and burned up his stove and all of his mixers.  On top of it Paula Dean his favorite cook came on stage to tell him she was flying him to her set to let him see behind the scenes for all of it.  Y’all I AM BAWLING.  This is awful.  And now, women whose husbands led a secret life and her husband cheated on her while being addicted to drugs.  Now I’m crying for her.  

Someone take my remote away from me.

To make things worse I clicked the link on Yahoo to watch the new We are the World song with all of the new artists coming together.  In fact, I was so caught up in it that I bought the fucking song on iTunes to donate money.  

There is not enough chocolate in the world to fix this day.


(here is the We are the World link, do not click if you are feeling a little emotional)

7 thoughts on “You are all traitors

  1. I’ll make a note about this..only watch it if I want to cry! I was waiting to read the book first. Didnt you see a trailer for it…i haven’t seen it but I cant imagine it ending well.


  2. I loved the book. I however read it when Jarret was in Iraq and bawled my eyes out on just about every single page. I will probably postpone watching it until the baby is here because I already get chocked up watching commercials so a movie I know will be sad would not be good right about now 😉


  3. i stopped reading this post in case there were spoilers. did you read the book? i did and i liked it. i can send it to you if you want, because from what i know it’s supposed to be way better than the movie.


  4. I really love this movie! I just got confused a lil bit in the start but ugh,it’s such a killer to my emotions! I cried! I would love to read the book next time when I have the time for it so I can go review the time periods when eric bana’s character time travelled back and forth.


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