Because God is punishing me

So I decided not to go to the gym tonight.  Rob wasn’t going to but his friends at work made him feel guilty.  While I was here alone holding down the fort with the two shit heads God paid me back ten fold for not going to the gym.  

I just walked in Rob’s man cave to find the room covered in….


Oh my God.



He got everything.  The wall. His toys.  The Lego table.  The rocking chairs.  His tool table.  The remotes. The coffee table.  The toy box.  The playdough tray.  More walls. The rug.  


Oh boy

My husbands MacBook


Thank God I had some nail polish remover on hand or he would have been in time out for his entire life.  

I promise you God I will go to the gym tomorrow and work extra hard.  


4 thoughts on “Because God is punishing me

  1. Ugh…FYI when the sharpie is on a wooden surface (and therefore nail polish remover is too much) I found out that coloring over it with a dry erase marker and then wiping it off actually works! Had to use that discovery when I realized that my daughter traced something in sharpie on my husband’s great-grandmother’s table the other day.


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