5 thoughts on “Post It Note Tuesday

  1. I gave up French Fries for Lent, and I think it is the longest I’ve ever been without eating them! I don’t struggle except when I am doing ‘cafeteria duty’ 2 days a week at one of my schools and I see the kids throwing them away…and that makes me want to scream!!


  2. I’ve heard that overuse of joints causes arthritis. (this is in response to your running post-its.) I’m just doin’ my part to prevent future joint replacements by trying to remain as still as possible & refrain from running…anywhere.
    ….yeah, it could be that. Or I could just be lazy.


  3. Running – make sure you at least roll your ankles in circles before you run so they get a little warmed up.
    More importantly – beans – Puree northern white beans (cannellis) and season the everylovin’stuffin’ out of it and you can use it as a white sauce. That is actually the white goop for veggie pot pies for my vegan husband. 🙂


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