2 Year check up

Brandon had his two year check up today. Lemme recap in bullets

  • He moved up from the 3rd percentile in weight all the way to the 50th percentile! My child is now average! WOOH!
  • His weight was 27 lbs and his height was 34″ which means he grew 3″ since November.
  • The doctor was astonished he was potty training he said usually he doesn’t even mention it until three.
  • He was very impressed Brandon knew his colors and over 200 words, and was making sentences out of them.
  • I asked what I should teach him next and he said nothing. He said in his opinion he was sick of parents forcing their kids to learn school stuff at such a young age. He said at two children should be concentrating on playing, making friends, and learning motor skills. He said that kindergarten used to teach kids manners and social skills and now it teaches them algebra. In his opinion unless Brandon showed interest in alphabets, numbers and so on, that I should not force him.
  • I told him how Brandon will point to something and say “that” (whats that) and I would respond what it was, then he would repeat it with the object and color. Example, That? Thats a shirt Brandon, That yellow shirt. The doctor thought that was great that I was following his cues.
  • I was told not to worry about him not eating much. He said around this age kids don’t need as much food and can go almost a whole day with out food.
  • He said kids eating only one food for a month was totally normal.
  • He said from now on give Brandon two choices for everything, but keep in mind that usually the last thing you say is what they pick.
  • I was told that kids rebelling and trying to assert themselves does not start in the teenage years but when they are two.
  • He said that if parents could just accept that toddlers were going to try and show their assertiveness and individuality that parenting would be a lot easier.
  • Brandon got one shot, one of the Hep ones, he was pissed.
  • The doctor said his teeth are in excellent condition but to go ahead and start saving for braces now since his teeth are obviously crowded. I was just relived to know that at this point he already has enough saved for us to afford braces…phew.
  • I was told to expect to see the ER this year for sure, and that head and leg bruises are super common and not to freak out!

All in all I think it went great. Tomorrow is my turn at the doctor!

6 thoughts on “2 Year check up

  1. Sounds like your big boy is right on track. I like the part of offering them a choice of two things. Very insightful.By the way…your suduko comment on my blog almost made me squirt coffee up my nose…ALMOST! You are too funny! Good luck at the doctors! P.S. That was me that delete my comment…too many spelling errors!


  2. Shannon that is great. Your little boy is getting so big. You guys are doing such a good job raising him. He is lucky to have parents like you guys.


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