Flying high on my birthday

This birthday is shaping up to be the best birthday ever. First, bagels, coffee and a scarf. Then today I woke up to a HOLY SHIT I’M FUCKING FLYING TO WORK cup of coffee. I came next door to find a new kind of ice cream cake awaiting me with some sort of FUDGE CRUNCH stuff in it. Yeah, I’m taking the rest of that home with me, where I plan to sit in a little corner with a spoon and eat it ALL BY MYSELF. After that I walked into my office to find a gift card to LUCKY and it is taking every ounce of strength to not cry out early lunch and go shopping because they have some jeans up there with my ass’ name on them! My dad gave me the cutest card ever and some money which STARBUCKS HERE I COME! Ginger stopped by to try a bagel and brought with her CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKES from Trader Joes. We shared some ice cream cake together and then she was off to work. Then the girl in my office bought me those rad plant globe watery things. I can’t wait to fuck with those and see if they really work. Finally Lisa came over and she brought me….


Wait let me take another picture with out that lame Giants cup in the way.

Much better. Anyway I was so overly excited about the goddamn rain boots I ran home and changed my outfit just so I could wear them now.

But the real icing on the cake (or cupcake) was the fucking cupcake she got me at Whole Foods that is exactly the size of my head with more frosting then what is showed here, because a “moose” ate some before I took the picture.

Y’all I can’t even describe this frosting. IT looks and taste like ice cream. It is thick and dense and rich and I’m pretty sure it has about 19878 sticks of butter in it. I haven’t even gotten to the cupcake itself yet, but I do know this…

Ice cream cake + insane New York coffee + bagel (carbs) + cupcakey goodness + having husbands fast car for the day = ZOOOOM WEEEE BUZZ BUZZ FLASH ~!~~~


Also, As mentioned husband took my car today and gave me his mega fast Honda Accord. I did a lot of zoom zoom zooming on the way back from Brandon’s day care today. However the sweetest part was that he put in my favorite CD and programmed it to my favorite song so when I started the car my beloved T.I. was playing “Whatever You Like,” Which means I TOTALLY ROCKED OUT!!!!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings!

10 thoughts on “Flying high on my birthday

  1. I am so jealous of your rainboots! But don\’t forget to mention that when brandon saw me, he ran out and gave me a hug! Geesh, I have to brag about it because it made me feel so special!


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