Sorry I haven’t been here in a while.  I’ve been busy, doing a whole lot of nothing.  I’m catching a cold which, suck town!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway which ends soon.   I’ve gotten some hilarious answers.  Currently Mrs F is holding the title for answer that made me laugh the hardest, I’ll post that when I announce the winner.  She gets a lot of extra points for that one.  So remember, humor gets you far.  Enter here.

Is it just me or am I the only one who has noticed that babies are obsessed with the following:

  • Lotion, and rubbing it in their hair
  • Taking their socks off
  • Toilet water
  • Paper, and shredding it
  • Pulling every tissue out of the box
  • Pulling everything out of the cabinets
  • Cheeto’s

There is lotion everywhere.  E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!  Codi finds it and immediately rubs it in his hair.  However since he is little and has the intelligence of a beetle bug he also thinks toothpaste, acne cream, rash cream and hand soap are all lotion and all of those things have been in his hair this week.  And when I said he has the intelligence of a beetle I mean beetle who can open any door, drawer, cabinet, etc. 

This morning Brandon had a melt down because my dad said he would take him to school and then couldn’t.  Things got worse when I realized both of my sets of keys were in my purse, in Rob’s car, all the way across town at his work.  My car was unlocked so I grabbed my car seat and was lucky that Katie offered to take him to school.  He cried the entire way there and for so long they had to keep him in his office.  I felt so so bad to see him that upset.  

Dylan, Katie’s son has started crawling. This means him and Codi spent an hour terrorizing my paper recycling yesterday.  Dylan chewed on so much paper I started thinking, who needs a shredder, kids do an excellent job of shredding or drooling on stuff so much they are unreadable.  Next time I have something with my social security number I’m going to hand it to one of the boys and let em have at it.  Katie won’t mind if she finds a piece of my bank account number in Dylan’s diaper!

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