Smiths must be pretty hard up

Last night I had some time to waste so my mom and I went to the grocery store.  We brought along Codi, which of course meant he had to snack as we shopped.  I’ve always been careful to keep the packaging from stuff my kids snack on to make sure I get charged for it.  So when he decided he wanted a fruit roll up I opened it up and tossed the wrapper in the cart.  Three isles later after he was done using the fruit roll up as a sword he threw it in the cart and demanded something new.  My mom was hemming and hawing over something in the pasta isle so I raced ahead in my cart and grabbed a three pack of Strawberry Horizon milk.  Codi sucked the first one down before we even made it back to my mom.  I opened a second one and then he found the little individual packs of Hostess donuts. 

To say my kid was a happy camper sitting there with donut smooshed on his ass and milk squoosing out on all of my groceries was an understatement.  Codi was actually pretty animated the whole trip.  Talking and squawking and laughing and shouting the entire way through the store.  He was also naked accept for a diaper because right before we left him and Brandon were out playing in the hose.  So I was also that mom whose kids looked all dirty and naked and ghetto.

Finally it was time to check out.  There was only one lane open so my mom went there and I went to self check.  I’ve been self checking for a while, I am quiet the pro.  As I rang up my shit Codi really got going trying to stand up in the basket and crack his damn head open.  My mom finished and came to grab him laughing about how she got done faster blah blah.  I went to ring up the wrapper for the fruit roll up and toss it in but of course and empty wrapper isn’t the right weight.  I pulled it out and tossed the sword fighter fruit roll up in the bag.  Perfect weight!  Score.  I felt like a genius for not throwing the mutilated fruit carnage away.  Then came the three pack of Horizon milk.  Only one was left in the pack so I assumed the scale would give me hell but NOPE it worked.  Okay I was making good time here.  I got all finished and looked at the wreckage in my cart, two mashed pink milks, remnants of what used to be donuts and other various pieces of trash Codi accumulated. I start paying when an employee walks over and looks in my cart.  She sees the trash and says, "well what about this are you going to pay for all of this?"  I replied, "I already rang it up, the milks are part of a three pack and the fruit roll up is in the bag sans wrapper because the kid opened it."  She nodded and walked off.

At this point I’m fully paid and putting my groceries in my cart when I realize she has gone back to the main register and is looking over my receipt to prove me wrong.  Then she says, "I don’t see the donuts on here."


I pushed my cart over to her and said I must not have gotten them, here is a dollar thats what they cost.  She gets all rude and starts going on about needing the original packaging to ring them up and how I can’t just walk out of the store with donuts.  She says she needs the packaging because she can’t just take my word that the donuts are a dollar.  So I pull every bag out of my car and see no donuts.  She sends someone to go fetch another fucking pack of $1.00 donuts so she can scan them.  Finally I turn around and walk to the little check out kiosk and see them laying on the bag thing.  I had used a self check that had a big rotating bag section kind of like Walmart does, and somehow the donuts dropped on there (without setting off the scale) which was how I missed them.

The lady takes them and scans them.  I am standing there with my wallet open, and in kind of a jerky tone I say, "So do you need more then a dollar?"

Her reply, "no, this is plenty."


I was so goddamn mad.  All of this over a fucking one dollar pack of donuts that I totally missed on accident.  I think she was so upset that I was telling the truth about the milk and the fruit roll up that she was hell bent on taking me down over some donuts.

The most frustrating part is I shop there often.  I’m the kind of customer who tells the checker when they have undercharged me.  I am the kind of customer who a few months ago while shopping at Ross realized that the cashier didn’t charge me for a dress, turned around went back inside and told them, and then made them charge me for it. I am the customer that if my son eats an apple before we make it through the store I grab another equally big apple just so the clerk can ring me up.  That store must have been really hard up to hassle me so much over donuts.


11 thoughts on “Smiths must be pretty hard up

  1. Jayla always has to snack too when we go grocery shopping and I am always freaked out that I might accidentally forget to scan something she already ate because the wrapper might be who knows where. And if that would happen at the commissary and somebody “caught me” they’d actually call the MP’s and we might lose shopping privileges on post so yeah, I always check everything twice especially when I do self checkout. Or I try to NOT take Jayla but that hardly ever happens…
    I miss Smiths btw… All we have here in TX is Walmart or HEB…


  2. Wow how incredibly rude of that cashier. Personally I can’t stand the self-checkout. There’s always something that rings up wrong or doesn’t ring up at all, which holds up everyone and takes me even longer in the end. But maybe that’s just here in Germany….Still a bit more effort to please the customer wouldn’t have hurt that girl.


  3. I would have so shoved that hostess up her ass! What a cunt and how dare she come at you like that.
    NEXT time I would let Codi eat all sorts of shit and make a disaster of that damn buggy.
    Good for you for putting her in her place.


  4. wow, seriously…that’s bullshit.
    Where was she when I accidently walked off with a gallon of millk the other day?
    Or how I walked out of the store one time with my arms full of unpaid groceries to go get a cart because they only keep them outside the front door?


  5. So let me be the big ass here! lol Since I work in retail (specifically food area), I cannot begin to tell you the people I deal with on a daily basis who purposely intent to “forget” to pay for stuff. Not to excuse her behavior because I agree she was rude, but you very well could have been her eighth person who she dealt with on this same situation. I have chased down an old guy in a cart three times consecutively trying to “remind” him that the milk he keeps putting down on a shelf needs to be paid for because he drank it. I have had mother’s open a thing of yogurt only to have the kid taste it and say they don’t like it. Where the mom then turns to me hands me the yogurt and says, they didn’t like it and walk away no other words exchanged. I deal with this all day long. Occasionally it drives me nuts. So let me apologize for her behavior because it sucks when customer service people lose it because we are supposed to know better.


  6. you people must not no the rule,all you can eat in line for free ,I do it every day it’s the only way to fly.


  7. OMG! Seriously?!? What a bitch. I think employers should make it a requirement to attend customer service courses.
    Ohh.. and my Captcha for this is “ant puddles” LOL! That just cracks me up! I’m, clearly, easily amused.. =)


  8. What a bunch of assholes. Once, I picked out 3 bulk frosted sugar cookies. I told the checkout lady there were 3 in there. Somehow she only charged me for 2. Well, i left one bag of groceries at the store and had to go back for it and the bitch front end girl yelled at me for only paying for 2 cookies. there was no telling her that the clerk did it either.


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