I won something

I’ve been reading this blog Tunay Na Mahal for a long time.  I have no idea how Sarah found me but she did and left a comment.  One day I went to her site and I was totally hooked on her story.  She had met her fiance online, they never even met for something like 2 years (sorry if I’m murdering the story Sarah), when they did meet it was for a short time in the Philippines before she had to leave again.  In all the years they have been together they have only met 4 times I believe.  She has an entire time line of their story and it’s just nuts.  My favorite part is coming up here in November (or is it October, see I suck) she is going back down there to see him again and GET MARRIED!  Hopefully after that they can get going on the process to move him here so they can live happily ever after.  Anywho, the point is, after all of her trips there she has become hooked on some Phillipeno products.  She decided to do a give away of some of her favorites and


I’m really excited because besides gross nasty fish sauce I’ve really never tried any thing good from the Philippines. I am extra excited about the coffee because hello I HEART COFFEE!  I have really wanted to try some of the foods from my husbands country but everything always sounded so nasty for instance, Balut…only click that link if you think you are brave.  I also love reading stories about how a ton of dishes from the Philippines come with spaghetti on the menu.  This cracks me up. My most absolute favorite part though was reading about how the Philippines helped her develope a small addiction to Starbucks.  Yes they really do run the world.  Anyway I can’t wait to try my stuff, and if you get time stop over and read her love story, it really really is interesting…hint, their meeting had something to do with Lindsey Lohan!


(Her story starts here, scroll down and read from the bottom up)

9 thoughts on “I won something

  1. Congrats! So great to win things! I never do, but one day I will and it will be that much better. I think the candy on the left is something I have tried in Spain and it’s coffee flavored and delicious. Make sure to write a blog review of your winnings!


  2. Congrats! I know you LOVE coffee so this is great and you get to try something from your hubby’s country. I wasn’t brave enough to click on the link for whatever that is up there! LOL


  3. Congrats Shannon! I have NEVER EVER tried Balut & never will, thank god my fiance doesn’t like it either! The coffee is just amazing, I always bring the large 30 sachet packs home with me. Thank you for the blog synopsis, hehe! Yes I’m embarassed to say now, Lindsay Lohan did bring me & my fiance together… hahaha! And December is the wedding! Lets see… if you did calculated all the time in person F.B. & I have spent together in the past 5 1/2 years… it’s probably 5 1/2 months! Just can’t wait until we are done with immigration after we marry and can live in the same TIME ZONE! 🙂 Congrats!!! Hope you enjoy your prizes!


  4. Congrats Shannon! I can tell your husband is tagalog because they like fish sauce over there.
    I have never tried Balut either and never will even if I’m a Filipino! Just thinking about it makes me puke! You ought to go to a Filipino store and try some stuff but not BALUT LOL.


  5. I read from one of Sarah’s old post that you left a comment saying that Rob also calls cough drops as candies. I do, too! HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I guess it’s a filipino thing!! Our Halls in the Philippines are not cough drops. They’re really meant to be “candies” so forgive us for saying candies lol. My DH gets irritated when I refer to Halls as candies. We also call flip flops as slippers BWAHAHAHA but I say flip flops now coz people might think I’m weird.


  6. Shannon, glad you loved the candies. I’ll ask F.B. if he’s ever seen those frie chips, they look really interesting! I really want to do a snack blog when I’m over there this time, so I’ll see if we can add them in! Enjoy your coffee!


  7. I think Jacki mentined the cream-o stuff, I’ve never had that. Choc-nut is good. It’s a chocolate peanut butter candy that crumbles in your mouth. I think all the Lucky Me soups have beef or chicken stock. Dried mango and mango-rind is really sweet & chewy. Polvoron is kinda like a crumbly sugar cookie made of rice powder I think? The cracker nuts are good & Yan Yan & Hello Panda, I tried from Asian Aisle! Here’s a list of snack items:


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