Did that really just happen? Can people actually be nice?

Last week I ordered Brandon a cute new lunch box.  I was tired of his metal one.  It was fine when he was little but now that he is older and I need to cram a lot more stuff into it I knew a taller more flexible one was in order.  I’ve been eyeing this Mackenzie Retro lunch box for months now and I kept talking myself out of buying it.  

(His is the cute little orange on there)

However last week, when i got my  moms Pottery Barn card statement in the mail I noticed a $25.00 gift card.  I scooped it right up (sorry mom) and ordered that sucker faster then you can say YEE HAW.  I told Brandon he was getting a new one, a "squishy" one like dad’s and he was over the moon.  Every day asking if it was there yet.  When it finally came he packed it all around the house totally empty.  Of course this thrilled Codi because that kid’s been eyeing Brandon’s metal Superman lunch box for quite some time now.  Codi grabbed Brandons old lunchbox and RAN!

** Side note, I don’t know why on earth Codi wants a lunch box SINCE HE DOESN’T EAT. Oh wait thats right, to shove his Nerf bullets in.

Anyway two days after we got the lunch box the handle started to come apart.  It was only a little bit so I kind of ignored it.  But now about five days later the handle has unraveled so bad I can see the Styrofoam. 

I wanted to replace it but no part of me wanted to deal with customer service, and returning it, and shipping and then waiting for them to receive it before they sent me the new one. I gave up today and called them.  I had the order#, the receipt, the card number, etc.  Here is the conversation that took place.

Me: Hi, I was calling about the recent order I received.

Lady: Can I have the order number

Me: 1234567

Lady: Okay the Mackynze lunch box, what is wrong with it

Me: Well the handle has started to unfray and I can see the Styrofoam inside of it.

Lady: Would you like to replace it

Me: Yes please

Lady: Okay I will have a replacement sent out to you right away, you can keep or discard the old one

Me: Um?  Don’t I have to send the old one back or something

Lady: No ma’am go ahead and keep it and your new one will arrive in 3-5 business days

Me:  Uhhh, ummm uhh okay thank you



When does that ever happen?  I mean.  I’m at a loss for words.  Normally they would argue with you.  They would make you pay to send it back to them and then wait until they returned it.  But no.  This woman, this goddess of customer service did none of that.  She simply said she would replace it, it would be right out and that was all.  I am so confused.  I was all prepped up for a fight or a stressful situation and I got neither and now I’m sitting here feeling a little….confused, I mean, I feel like I got kind of jacked of the argument I was all prepped for. 

Anywho, I highly recommend Pottery Barn after that.  In fact I’ve never had a bad experience with them EVER.  Not in store, not on the phone, not online, never.  

I just wanted to share my pleasant experience with all of you, just so some of my mom friends out there can know, there actually is hope for parenting customer service!

5 thoughts on “Did that really just happen? Can people actually be nice?

  1. I’ve heard great things about their customer service too! I have a friend that bought one of those personalized kid chairs, had a problem with it, and they replaced it and let her keep the old one too. NICE!


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