Is this bad parenting?

Codi is sick.  He’s had a fever between 101 ad 103.7 for the last three days now.  At first he wouldn’t eat but my mom and I got creative.  In the last 24 hours Codi has eaten:

Home made brownies (which mysteriously disappeared from my kitchen when I left last night)

Hostess cupcakes

Hostess donettes

Otter pops

Chocolate pudding

Vanilla marshmallows

Push pop

Hostess cupcakes


And an ice cream sandwich.

The otterpops give fluid right?  And the rest is good fuel for the body right?



3 thoughts on “Is this bad parenting?

  1. The rule of thumb I always go by is as long as they are eating, let them eat. It’s already hard enough for you to get him to eat, so when he’s sick I bet it’s much worse. Just keep pushing otter pops! It’s a liquid! Hope he feels better soon!


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