What I'm reading

I keep picking up my copy of Jenn Lancasters, “My Fair Lazy,” but then another fancier book with a more funny catch phrase comes along and it’s all, “oh read me, I’m much more funny and raunchy and Jenn is like so 2009.”

I think after reading Chelsea Handler it’s really hard to find other authors as funny.  Ginger brought me over two new books today by the author Laurie Notaro.  They look promising, here are the two she got:

I am hoping they are good because she has like 10 other books and it would be awesome if I found an author who could keep me busy for longer then two days.  Just the tagline on the back of one of them has me hooked,

“I’ve changed a bit since high school.  Back then I said no to using and selling drugs.  I washed on a normal basis and I still had good credit.”

HA! Sounds like a winner to me!

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