My son was born on August 1st 2005. About 4 days before that on a friday I went to see the doctor only to hear that I was still not dilated and this kid wasn’t coming out. He sent me across the street for a sonogram to see how big the baby was. They said he would be anywhere between 7.5 to 9.5 pounds. The doctor said that the baby was big enough that if I was ready to have him I could. WHAT. I was getting him out because I couldn’t wait any longer I needed to meet my son. So we scheduled an appointment for 4:00 PM on Monday the 1st to have a baby. Whoah. You have no idea how odd it is to know exactly when you are going to have the baby. So during the weekend while we were waiting my husband and I suddenly realized we wanted to add the name Cooper to my sons name. Kenny Cooper was my husbands friend who died at work one day and it was because of him that Rob and I are what we are because it was his death that brought us together. We contemplated naming the kid Brandon Taylor Aloysius Cooper Mateo but we liked the baby and couldn’t do that to him so we dropped Taylor. Next thing I knew my dad called and said he wanted to change the baby to be named after his other grandpa so the day before his birth our son because Brandon Cooper Gabriel Mateo. Some family had already nick named him “Coop.” The nursery was ready I was ready the cat was ready everyone was ready. We were going to have a baby.

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