Lets get something straight!

When you ask where I am from, and I reply "Reno"


"Oh, like the show, Reno 911, are your cops really like that?"

Really?  Like really really, do you really think our cops are really like that?  Do you actually think Reno is like that?  NO! No no no NO. 

Not like Reno 911


While I’m at it.  Learn to pronounce Nevada right please.  And also, no we are not all cowboys here, we do not all walk around with our guns, and our shit kickers and we don’t all ride horses.  I am not a fucking hillbilly thank you very much!

10 thoughts on “Lets get something straight!

  1. I wish I could begin to tell you how tired I get of people mispronouncing Oregon. I also get tired of people assuming we are nothing but farm land and cowboys. Come on people, the USA consists of more than California and New York.


  2. WHATEVER – I am originally from Kentucky. That is like the hillbilly capital of the world. The first thing most people say when I tell them I grew up in KY is, “But you don’t have an accent?” And a close second is “It must be beautiful there. I love horses.”
    Ummm…I grew up in the city. I have never been on a horse in my life. Actually, I have seen more horses in NJ, than I ever seen in KY.
    Other people are stupid. At least you have Reno 911. That show is funny – sometimes.


  3. Haha, I SO feel you on this. I travel often. And when people ask where I am from and they hear Reno almost every single person says, “oh, like the show?!” I hate it! That show is retarded. And it isn’t even filmed in Reno!!! When was the last time you saw a fucking palm tree in Reno. Just sayin…


  4. Ha ha ha ha I think I asked you something about the show when I heard you lived in Reno. I still say the show is based on somethin’ in Reno. 🙂 Why Reno 911 and not Atwater 911? I love their shorts.


  5. HA HA!!!! When I moved to Florida and told people I was from Chicago, they thought I was in a gang. When I moved back to Chicago everyone thought I spent all of my time in Florida on the beach and in flip flops …. the narrow lives we all lead …..


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