My grown up birthday list

My birthday is coming up.  And even though my husband and mom are the only ones who read this, that would buy me something, you guys get to read it too, so you can get a look inside my heart.

Thing one.

I used to have one of these.

Only I had a really nice one from the Nothing To It cooking school.  Did you notice the word used to?  These brushes are made of silicon.  They give an amazing even spread and THEY WASH EASY.  You know what else they do?  Provide an hour of fun for a certain toddler who discovered silicon bristles actually pull off one by one by one very easy.  Shit head I WANT MY FUCKING BRUSH BACK!


Next.  Sea salt. 

I get the most amazing sea salt in a little jar from the same store.  It cost about $11.00.  I can buy kosher salt at the store for about $5.00 so that is what I have been using.  Trust me, once you have used the good sea salt, you can never go back.


I know you will laugh but I want one of these too.

Know why?  Because Rob and I are on a budget and that means no $1.00 song downloads that I NEED while working.  It also means I can’t download the scrabble game on my iPhone without my husband giving me dirty looks.  Pfft!

Fritos Jalepno Cheese dip

Ooooh yeah.  Y’all didn’t know I was this ghetto did you?  Even though this stuff is far out of my spice range I am addicted.  However, it is $3.50 a can which is WAY to far out of my shopping budget.

You are not allowed to laugh at the next one.

Yeah that’s right, I want laundry soap.  Look.  This stuff is hard to find, and when I do find it, it is retardedly expansive.  I have to be honest here, I like my laundry smelling good.  I prefer to sit at work sniffing my delicious shirt.  WHATEVER I AM A NERD SO WHAT.  (also would like the fabric softener).  If you haven’t smelled this yet you are DEPRIVED.  Seriously, it is super mega delicious.

Stop laughing. 

No seriously, stop laughing, doesn’t everyone want laundry soap?

Pshhh whatever.

Aside from the silicon brush I have one more guilty pleasure.  Salt City Candles.  Oh dear God do they smell good. About two years ago I bought about 3 boxes of the votives and I am finally out.  They smell an entire house and well, they smell so good I have to stop myself from licking my candles. My friend got me one for a bridesmade gift a few years ago. It was Grapefruit Vanilla.  It was and still is to this day my most favorite flavor of all.

It smells like a little bit of heaven in a tiny candle.

Other flavors I can’t resist:

Cinnamon Vanilla

Fruit slices (summer flavor)

Golden Apple (summer flavor)

Orchard Peach (spring flavor)

Pear Berry (summer flavor)

Apple Cinnamon (winter flavor)

Vanilla Spice (winter flavor)

Okay so two things you might notice.  YES I have different scents for seasons.  Whatevs, we have already established I am weird.  The second thing is, yes, I refer to scents as flavors.  I’m sorry but smelling something is almost like tasting it and therefor it is a flavor! I keep my desk at home surrounded by the Grapefruit Vanilla it calms me down so much I don’t even get angry paying bills.  Try it something, stick one of these near your nose and I bet you will be happy to write that $300.00 check to your doctor.

I fully blame Ginger for the next one. She took me to this store where I discovered these Luxe Almond Candles.  I was hooked, unfortunately I bought them on sale and could never afford them since.  I am addicted to anything almond, so I blame Ginger for the empty cans of Luxe candles staring me in the face taunting me.

I bet you are wondering if I could possibly talk more about candles but GUESS WHAT I CAN.

I am also in need of the following.

Pretty much anything from this store (not lime verbena)

Stuff that comes to mind are

In case you were wondering yes I am a high schooler who must smell like fruit all the time.  In fact when they brought back the country apple recently I might have bought seven bottles of it because it hasn’t been out in nine years and I am ashamed to admit I have only one bottle left.

At the same store I also want to get married to, and have tiny candle babies with thisI will just tell you to shut up  now that yes I am talking about more candles but you also wouldn’t believe how fun work can be when you are sniffing pineapple orchid candles.

Rounding off the list would be a renewal to my Rachel Ray magazine (whatever we also established my ghettones) and my Cooking Lite.

In imaginary land I would like this

The Al Clad non stick super hero crock pot.

9 thoughts on “My grown up birthday list

  1. I think that’s a good list! Hope you get everything you want! 🙂 My Mom loves the lime verbena from B&B. I just stocked up on a whole bunch for her bday/xmas. I like the sunkissed raspberry, sea island cotton & freesia best. I have scrabble on my ipod. Love it! For my blackberry it sucked though.


  2. You are weird. I mean seriously laundry soap??? But anyways, those candles from Bath & Body Works are fabulous, I have a orange one and I love it! I’m not sure I want to have candle babies with it but that would solve the problem that it’s almost gone and I have no money to buy more! And he he I still have one of those almond candles left, I’ve been saving it for a special occasion. And who knows if I EVER get a job, I might be able spring for a few things from this list, especially since your husband trumped my annual birthday present with his stupid super secret trip.


  3. Ya Rob what’s up with that no Fantasies in Chocolate this year my one night a year to go out. Ginger if you get a job and still want to go I’m up for it and we can tell Shannon how good it was. Thanks Shannon for your annual Birthday list Ill print it off so Ill have it for Christmas too it does really help.


  4. I’m completely not nutso here; but country apple at bath and body works never left the shelves at the stores here…. if only you had told me you needed it, lol. Now if they would bring back my damn C.o. bigelow chapstick tubes that would be awesome! Or the mens soap for my dad!
    I really don’t like the new “p.s. I love you” lotion though….probably just me though!


  5. Oh My you and I ARE SO ALIKE! Shit –does that mean I am weird too? and ghetto? …f’r’s I am.
    Anyway–now I want to go out and buy that freaken laundry soap and tell my husband I bought it “on sale” so I don’t get in trouble. I also only light certain candles for certain times of the year. Drives the hubs NUTS. He is always complaining about my closet FILLED with candles. But shit…you can’t burn a pumpkin candle in spring, or a beach scent in the Fall.


  6. Seriously?? I love candles and lotion.
    I will try to do the contest but my brain is so damn tired, I am behind on everything. My kids are both sick, my hubs is always wanting sex, my homework is killing me and my give a damn is BUSTED.
    TMI, sorry!


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