How do you read blogs?

Last month our TV broke.  After much shopping we ended up buying a Sony Google TV.  I basically bought it because it had the word GOOGLE in it.  I can surf the web and do other neat stuff on it but I hadn't really figured out anything I loved doing with it.  

But suddenly it hit me.  


That's right y'all I'm sittin back lounging comfy as ever reading your blog in 42".  Now that's the good life.

Where is your favorite spot to read blogs?  In bed?  At work?  At the dinner table?

2 thoughts on “How do you read blogs?

  1. I spent a lot of time reading blogs through the Google Reader app on my Android phone. Waiting for my kid at the bus stop, waiting for appointments to start, while my baby’s napping in my arms. Works out pretty well.


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